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Lukerik 1 yr ago | 9 replies
I'm in the middle of registering books. I like to use a particular pen. It's the blue Wilko Gel Pen. Too late to get into town now.

Lukerik 2 yrs ago
glad you are keeping an eye out for out little book friends.]] What surprises me is that I have never found an Ardachybook. The chances against this are astonomical.

Lukerik 2 yrs ago | 1 replies
[[How do you manage it? :-) ]] When I first moved to East Anglia I considered trying to release a book everywhere Ardanchy had. Then I realised it would be more of a challenge to release everywhere he hadn't. Ard…

Lukerik 2 yrs ago | 3 replies
It's a reflex action now that I open every book I sort to check for a Ballycumber. This one's on the cover. When I saw it I got the same thrill of fear almost that I got the time I found a first edition of Nicholas Nic…

Lukerik 6 yrs ago
... would be to recommend me as the referring member in the case of a dispute. I don't care about the funny little numbers.

Lukerik 6 yrs ago | 2 replies
...that the number of wild releases seems to depend a lot on the weather. No doubt things will pick up. I've not been south for a while but when I do I always visit the Camel & Artichoke. I've caught some crackers the…

Lukerik 7 yrs ago
...every time my mother journals my books she either creates a new account or doesn't log in.

Lukerik 7 yrs ago
I've not been to Edinburgh for a couple of years but the Cannongate OBCZ is a safe place to release books. I've had a few good catches from there. Viel Glück! A…

Lukerik 7 yrs ago | 1 replies
...and it's moved continents. I feel sorry for you saddoes who only care about meaningful JEs.

Lukerik 7 yrs ago | 9 replies This really made my Christmas Day, and now it has everything. A good book, a catch, a new member, a good journal entry, it meant something to the finder and now they've p…

Lukerik 7 yrs ago
I went back and bought it today. I think I might leave it out somewhere for someone to find, which I believe is what is the modus operandi on this website.

Lukerik 7 yrs ago | 4 replies Might go back for it tomorrow... if Diane doesn't beat me to it!

Lukerik 9 yrs ago
I've just found one of her books in a dentist's waiting room. I'll look after it.

Lukerik 9 yrs ago
It's just outside my house but I hadn't left a book there for ages because last time someone tore up my offering. There IS hope :)

Lukerik 9 yrs ago | 1 replies
You know, I spent ages looking through proper bibliographies in Arabic and you found it on Wikipedia, e-marmotte. Oh the e-irony! My only excuse is that I AM a British civil servant and cannot be expected to display co…

Lukerik 9 yrs ago | 3 replies
Told you my Arabic was execrable. That was the closest I could get to 'For God's sake' :) I have made a basic registration with Marmotte's author's name - though I do t…

Lukerik 9 yrs ago | 12 replies
I have a book in Arabic. There is no ISBN and it seems to exist only as a foreign edition in Britain - thus very hard to search. My Arabic is execrable but I believe the author is Colette alKouri (or just Khouri). I'm…

Lukerik 9 yrs ago
I've been casually mentioning to potential converts that there are about a million of us for the last year or so :) A little while ago a work colleague, who had previously journalled a book I'd given her, overheard this…

Lukerik 9 yrs ago | 1 replies
I like Moem's suggestion of a licence to travel. I begin a lot of my release notes with "This book begins it's journey at..." after I saw it on a book in the sidebar. I might use the licence idea but I think it's impor…

Lukerik 10 yrs ago | 4 replies
to me, at least. I worked around it by changing the town I live in on my profile to the town I wanted to release in.

Lukerik 10 yrs ago | 1 replies
Hi Lukerik Yes that was the catch The first two wild catches don't count as Jazzbeagle turned up unexpectedly after I released them and he got a tip off where they were I am glad that you have come b…

Lukerik 10 yrs ago | 4 replies
Hi Elizabeth Is it this one? My first catch was on Heaton Park Road. I poohed my pants with excitement and messaged him to say thank you. No response, but a few mon…

Lukerik 11 yrs ago
Je t'aime et moi voulez avoir / soutenir vos enfants. xxxxx According to my online translator this might actually make sense, Bénédicte ;) You've given exactly the text on the cover and I've edited the registration…

Lukerik 11 yrs ago | 2 replies
I've just bought this disturbingly cool book: I know it's 'Postcardism' by Yan Chung Hsien because it says as much in small Roman type, but I'd really like to a) regi…

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