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wingKarenBCwing 2 wks ago
Fun to imagine where all those 5,000 books have traveled to!

wingKarenBCwing 3 wks ago | 1 replies
I admit to liking the royalty, at least when Elizabeth was Queen...but after seeing the snit Charles had when he couldn't get his pen to work...not so much. Hiring a PR firm to bring Camilla into the good graces of the …

wingKarenBCwing 1 mo ago | 2 replies
plus our huge stockings! I've been on a decluttering mission for the last 3 months - and the house is feeling so much better. My adult son asked if we could try doing one gift per person - and I've stuck to it. Norma…

wingKarenBCwing 1 mo ago | 1 replies
This was in British Columbia, Prince George...but alas has closed its doors. No restaurant seems to stay in this spot for long. Too bad, they had great music decor.

wingKarenBCwing 1 mo ago
for a lovely hardcover edition of A Most Curious Murder - there's even a LFL on the cover!

wingKarenBCwing 1 mo ago | 1 replies Hunting Eve - nice!

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago
#314 - DecorATive Furniture #315 - Priscilla Hauser's DecorATive Painting 123

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 1 replies
#311 - DARK MOON #312 - A SEASON of Miracles #313 - FINAL Scream

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 2 replies
#291 - The AGE of Light #292 - Judy Moody and the Not Bummer SUMMER #293 - Junie B. Jones First GrADer (at LAST!) https://www.…

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 1 replies
careful with those dance moves Grandma. I sent a package to you this week.

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 2 replies
You must be fairly close to the border Staxman. I try not to "live up" to the recent curve my name has taken. I'm actually named for a fishboat that my mom liked in Prince Rupert. I know boats are often named for women, …

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 3 replies
#281 - A LIFE Isaiah Berlin #282 - Over LoAD #283 - Able Team #39 DEATH Code #2…

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 2 replies
I don't think you have to prepay for gas in most of the US - but in BC you sure do.

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 9 replies
Our fueling stations in British Columbia mostly all require payment ahead of fueling. There was a young man who worked at the station, and when someone tried to drive off without paying, he grabbed ahold of the car and t…

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 1 replies
Seems a bit glitchy this evening, not uploading like they usually do.

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago
They are becoming more common here. I love the one at the library for checkout - it's easy to use and quick. The bigger thrift store just went to all self checkout except for 1 lane. If my favourite checkout lady is o…

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 5 replies
[[Hmm - I hope Canadians aren't overly offended by their "nice" stereotype; it's so delightfully lovable. If it IS offensive, please tell me. I can't promise to rid myself of it, but I'll surely keep it well hidden in …

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago | 4 replies
#263 - Awake and DreAMing #264 - TIMEs to Remember in Cross-Stitch #265 - 1,001 Old-TIME Garden Tips https://www.bookcrossing.…

wingKarenBCwing 3 mos ago
There is a library sale coming up here in 2 weeks...if I put a paperbag over my head maybe I won't see anymore ads for it!

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