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wingGlencorseCentrewing 5 yrs ago | 2 replies
Hi, Just had two books released to the Glencorse centre, but they've set up a new zone in Roslin rather than the actual one in Auchendinny. Is there any way of correcting this? Also there appears to be two Edinbu…

wingGlencorseCentrewing 7 yrs ago
....this isn't in the UK. I'd happily have joined. If anyone wants to join in a UK version, let me know!

wingGlencorseCentrewing 8 yrs ago | 10 replies
Hello, I need to consult the hive mind! Someone has left a baby names book on my obcz shelf. Normally I register any books left there, but this one has a really nice inscription inside it to the new parents from a good…

wingGlencorseCentrewing 8 yrs ago
Well, that it! Just been and delivered a bookcase and 40 books to my (Cassandra2020) new OBCZ at the Glencorse Centre. Had a lovely chat with some of the folk there and they all seemed very enthusiastic about having a …

wingGlencorseCentrewing 10 yrs ago
Sadly the Hotel that housed the OBCZ has closed now and changed hands. Have just had a long chat with the new owner who let me in to collect the books & he's hoping to open up later in the year and seemed keen for me to…

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