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Cinderess 3 yrs ago
I think Myss Cyn’s etiquette thread was the first I ever read when I was a newbie here 11 years ago. Very sad to hear of her death. Sending condolences to her family.

Cinderess 4 yrs ago
Thanks for coming all, it was a lovely meet with 14 of us catching up. If you wanted to come today, but couldn’t make it look out for another meet in February / March next year. We will post details here and on the B…

Cinderess 4 yrs ago | 2 replies
Oxford Meet 17/11 at The Kings Arms I’ve booked a table for 15 people now and we have 13 definitely attending. If you’d like to claim the last 2 spaces please message either myself or Molyneux. We’re really glad so ma…

Cinderess 5 yrs ago | 2 replies
Just seen your message about this on FB, I’ve seen the film and would definitely like to read the book please. It’s my first bookray or bookring in an age! Could I post to someone in the UK please Reet?

Cinderess 8 yrs ago
That's so funny! What a cute cat selfie.

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
I'm collecting my books tomorrow, it's my first time as a giver and I'm thinking of where to leave them or give out. Any tips from people who have participated before?

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
THANK YOU from me too.... This has made me think.... in the 4 years I have been on BookCrossing how much have I gained... given to me for FREE. - Gained great friendships.... which are priceless. - G…

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
It's good to hear from you, sorry that life is so full on for you both. I'm not giving up on Bookcrossing in the slightest and still really enjoy reading the books, meeting other bcrs and of course passing on the books. …

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
Thank you from me too, really enjoyed the meet. You have the perfect location at Kemi's.

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
for the surprise book which came today, it was great timing - just what I needed.

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
...for the Xmas tea bag and card which just arrived today.

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
For all the BC supplies which arrived in a parcel with my Christmas card x

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
Thank you for the lovely Christmas card, beet seeds, tea bag & squashed penny I received today. The snowman sticker on the envelope was a sweet touch too. Have a very merry Christmas!

Cinderess 10 yrs ago | 2 replies
We'll do the book swap game too, won't we?

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
Oooh chocolate! Austrian marzipan chocolates - my favourite - Yum. Plus a Milka advent calender chocolate bar. Thank you very much.

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
I wondered for about 2 seconds and gave in, I have a wishlist book by Ali Smith: Hotel World. I have the Christmas card on my mantlepiece now. It's almoooooost Decemember so that's fine. ;-)

Cinderess 10 yrs ago
...for a wishlist book and some seeds. They're going to be 3 years out of date by planting season next year, but someone once said to me that gardening is a matter of luck and cosmic force - so you never know! I'll let y…

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