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wingBookworm-ladywing 2 days ago
[[If you make the end date January 15th instead of December I would like to join. ]] That would be better, I think. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 2 days ago long as I can receive from the EU only, so that I don't need to pay customs fees. I can send INTL. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 2 days ago
[[Big big thanks to Meg72 for organizing this and a big thanks to the bookcrossing community it's been great to get back into it. Wishing you all a joyful Christmas and here's to a happier and brighter 2022]] It's gre…

wingBookworm-ladywing 3 days ago
Thank you everyone, this was a powerful selection, and I am looking forward to some free time to read them all... I will host the new round next year... within 1-2 months! :) And I would like to see all of you again.

wingBookworm-ladywing 3 days ago
Thanks for helping me remove this book from my WishList: "In Cold Blood", by Truman Capote Never too late, this is a brilliant choice, and I am looking forward to re-read…

wingBookworm-ladywing 3 days ago
Never too late to celebrate! Thanks for the most beautiful card, with a print showing cats in a lovely setting... is this the town you used to live in? Beautiful. And thanks for the "lockdown cat" label, I have used so…

wingBookworm-ladywing 4 days ago
[[ I'm hoping that lots of people missing out on/being charged for their Christmas gifts will raise the profile of the issue enough that it gets sorted out.]] So do I, this just doesn't make any sense...

wingBookworm-ladywing 4 days ago
...and left it a little vague, "sometime before Christmas". Does this work for you, mcsar? It would be lovely to have you as Send Only. Thanks for joining, gaboyd. And lauraloo29, sorry that you cannot join us, but I u…

wingBookworm-ladywing 4 days ago | 1 replies
[[I'd be a send only if you are not closing so soon.]] Yes, that will be a good idea as there does not seem to be much interest. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 5 days ago
[[Posted again this morning ]] Thanks for the update! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 5 days ago | 2 replies
[[[[ [[[[[[...and taking their time to reach the winner. :)]] Actually, it's three books I'm waiting for...but that's ok, it's been a weird year. I'm still waiting on my NSS gift from the Virtual Uncon in April...]] …

wingBookworm-ladywing 5 days ago | 1 replies
She sent a parcel a while ago, and says that it must still be crossing the Atlantic. Fingers crossed! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 5 days ago | 1 replies
Thank you, elis-fromSweden, I sent you a PM this weekend, but it's Ok to answer here. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 days ago
I hope you have a brilliant day, with many interesting books and time to read them! Always a pleasure to "talk to you" via PM... we have already done this earlier today! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 days ago | 1 replies
[[ Is there anywhere I can order from within the EU so that will not be an issue? ]] I have ordered books from betterworldbooks (UK, not U.S.A., mind you!), and customs seem to be pre-paid, i.e. I did not have to pay…

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 days ago
[[[[to earthcaroleanne. I sent them yesterday (Nov. 15). I hope they fly speedily.]] Arrived with me.]] Did you choose anything? Please let us know.

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago | 2 replies
She assumed her parcel had arrived, and will send something else on Monday. :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago
...Poppywalker and dark-draco. I hope all is well with them, and they are just a little late in meeting their commitment.

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago those whose books haven't arrived yet. Let's wait and see; I hope everything is well with them, and they just need a little more time.

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