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wingBookworm-ladywing 15 hrs ago
...from Sweden... a promising-looking box! I will save it for Christmas... It will surely cheer me up! Thank you, Secret Santa!! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 day ago
"The Silent Patient" (Alex Michaelides) AND "Blood Orange" (Harriet Tyce) My replacements (for the same letters, B and S): "Bride for a Captain", by Flora Kidd AND …

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 day ago
...and I will be posting my choices and replacements shortly. Thank you!! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 6 days ago
That way, some books will arrive around the Xmas period. Anyone else? It will stay open, while travelling... :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago
[[I've taken "Hearts of Oak" as it's something different to what I usually read & I've taken out "The Devil's Bones" as it was registered & read by yorkshire-lass who's next on the list. Hope that's okay.]] That's fin…

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago
[[Storm Front by Jim Butcher]] Thank you!! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago | 2 replies
[[I think that's a bit closer to a book you sent me once and enjoyed and definitely different to some I've sent you and weren't much to your liking. Give it a try sometime, I'm curious to see what you make of it : ) I'm…

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago | 1 replies
...with "When the Wind Blows", by James Patterson. I might not be able to send it until next year :), because it is TBR and I have an ever-increasing mount TBR right now. But I will reserve it for you, please let me kno…

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago
[[I think I'm the Winner! Thank you! Your book and one other came in on the day that I was opening my BC birthday gifts, so how is that for timing?!]] Congrats on winning... and Happy Birthday! :)

wingBookworm-ladywing 1 wk ago | 1 replies
...must be taking the scenic route... I sent it back in October, 11th. I hope it's not lost, and will be a belated surprise. Happy Birthday! :)

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