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2012 12 yrs ago | 1 replies
I live in Finland and can send anywhere. :)

2012 12 yrs ago
Thanks for the book Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne and the calendar. :) Merry Christmas!

2012 12 yrs ago
I received my parcel a while ago but forgot to post here. Thank you Sabrina. I'm waiting excitedly for Christmas so I can open the package. :)

2012 12 yrs ago
Almost missed this, like last year. :) sending PM now

2012 13 yrs ago | 4 replies
Itseasiassa kaksi kertaa, kiertelemässä ja opintojen vuoksi kaivauksilla dinosaurusfossiileja etsiskelemässä. En ole koskaan murtanut luitani.

2012 14 yrs ago
* Books (check out my profile page) * reptile related stuff * dinosaur related stuff * postcards * candy (no nuts or almonds, please) * written letters * anything related to your country

2012 15 yrs ago | 3 replies
The idea would be that both would check the other ones wish list and get one from it and send wrapped in paper and the gift would be opened in Christmas.

2012 15 yrs ago | 6 replies
I haven't noticed if there is and I'd like to join this year too. For those who don't know what I'm talking about: Last year Secret Santa thread worked in a way that everybody who wanted to join would pm the thread creat…

2012 15 yrs ago | 4 replies

2012 15 yrs ago | 4 replies
Works like used to work. Accept the book that has been offered last time by offering one of your books instead. Have a happy relay! :)

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