Price reduced on BookCrossing Lapel Pins in time for holiday shopping
October 14, 2004

Just in time for holiday shopping, we've lowered the price on our cool little BookCrossing Lapel Pins to only $4.95—and you can save even more with a 5-pack for $21.95! Here's the link to the pins at our secure online store:

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BookCrossing and The Dignitarian Dialogues join forces to give away 5,000 copies of Robert W. Fuller's Somebodies and Nobodies
October 14, 2004

You and this book can help change the world. And while quantities last, it won't cost you a thing. and more »

Unsold Turtle Woman Interrupted bookplate labels found, on sale now
September 23, 2004

Look what we stumbled upon in our latest inventory count: unsold Turtle Woman Interrupted bookplate labels, our 8th edition, from several months ago! Seems the pri... more »

BookCrossing Tote Bags back in stock
September 14, 2004
Our bright and cheery BookCrossing Tote Bags are back! We sold out due to unexpected demand, but our suppliers went to work and re-supplied us. We could tell you how cool and big the bags are, but more »
Site performance improved with temporary patch
September 14, 2004
Since adding new timezone features to our book releasing and hunting pages two weeks ago, the website has been suffering from performance problems. Our programming staff has found and removed the culprit—the code which displays the r... more » adds features in time for tonight's BookCrossing Meetup
September 14, 2004
Tonight, being the second Tuesday of the month, is BookCrossing Meetup night! Join other like-minded readers in your area tonight at 7:00 PM, your time, at the location specified by the good people at Speaking of, they recently... more »
Original artwork from our 2nd-edition bookplates, CROSSING ZONE by Penelope Cline, up for auction
September 2, 2004

We're pleased to announce this no reserve eBay auction for Crossing Zone by Penelope Cline. You may access the 7-day auction with this link:

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BookCrossing Supply Store adds new product: Release Bags
September 2, 2004
Releasing books into the wild is a marvelous experience, indoors or outdoors. Worried about the elements? Don't let rain or lightning steal your thunder! With these BookCrossing Release Bags, you can safely leave a book anywhere and know that it will... more »
BookCrossing garners more than 440 comments at, topping their list
August 26, 2004

As an update to the ongoing BookCrossing/Lovemark saga, we've been told by their program manager that BookCrossing has received far more positive comments (over 440!) than any o... more »

Original artwork from our 6th-edition bookplates, PLEASE READ US A STORY? by Mary Grace Dembeck, up for auction
August 19, 2004

We're pleased to announce this no reserve eBay auction for Please Read Us a Story? by Mary Grace Dembeck. You may access the 7-day auction with this link:

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10th Edition Artists Series Bookplates, BOOKCROSSING IN TIMES SQUARE by Amy L. Rawson, now shipping
August 19, 2004

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of our newest Limited Edition Artists Series Bookplate.

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2005 BookCrossing Convention venue set
August 19, 2004
Mark your calendars and start planning now! The second annual BookCrossing Convention has been scheduled for April 14-17, 2005 in Fort Worth, Texas. Get the latest details at http://www.bookcrossing.c... more »
BookCrossing nominated for a Lovemark by Saatchi & Saatchi
August 19, 2004

We're excited to announce that has been nominated for a lovemark, which according to the program sponsor Saatchi ... more »

Kansas City Public Library plans First Annual Teen BookCrossing Party
June 15, 2004
The Central Library of the Kansas City Public Library, 10th and Baltimore St., is holding its first annual teen Bookcrossing party, Saturday, July 17 at 1:30 pm. Visit Central Youth Service’s Bookcrossing profile at http://kc-library-ys.bookcrossing.... more »
Telphonic Communications Offers Low Long-Distance Rates and BookCrossing Rebate
April 30, 2004
BookCrossers can lower their phone bills and help support BookCrossing by taking advantage of a new partnership between and Telphonic Communications. Telphonic, based in San Ramon, California, provides low-cost long distance and inte... more »

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