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News from the BC Support Team: Copies of PMs are delayed

August 7, 2021
We have had a number of reports that members are encountering a delay in receiving an email copy of the PM (private message) that they have sent to another member. There also are reports of PMs not being received for several hours.

Rest assured, it is something that we are aware of, and although we are waiting for confirmation from our Tech Team, we believe this to be a short term issue and that it is a result of a tweak we have made in the back end to try and resolve another issue - Daily Summary emails - which have not been working correctly since our recent server upgrade.

While we understand that these new bugs are frustrating, they are happening because we are ironing out a large number of bugs in the backend.
Some of which are new, and some that have been an issue for several years.
We're hopeful that this is a situation of "Short Term Pain For Long Term Gain" and that once we are done, the BC site will be running better than it has done for a number of years!

Please allow us some time to work through this, but we did want to assure our members that we're aware that it is happening, and that it has our attention.

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