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Members not receiving JE alerts or PMs

July 13, 2021
It has been brought to our attention that some members are experiencing issues not receiving emails from BookCrossing.
We have been advised that this is the case for private messages (PMs) from other members, as well as for journal and release alerts.

See the Deutsche Übersetzung/German translation

Our initial findings have led us to believe that BookCrossing is being throttled by some mailbox providers.
Email "throttling" is where a receiving mailbox controls the amount of email messages that it will allow from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) at any one time.

We have confirmed that when our server sends an email to addresses that are @web.de and @t-online.de they are not being received due to BookCrossing's ISP being blocked.
Whilst we have confirmed that those 2 providers are indeed causing us issues, that is not to say that other providers aren't doing the same thing, or soon will.

How you can help us:
We will require some time to iron out this issue, however in the meantime we ask that you add us to your trusted list of senders.
This can be done by adding the following @bookcrossing.com email addresses to your contacts or address book:

alerts@ - this is the email address that sends you journal and release alters
privatemessenger@ - this is the email address that sends you private messages (PMs) from other members
storemanager@ - this is the email address for our BC Supply Store which will send you updates about your orders
support@ - this is the email address that will send you things such as password resets
askus@ - this is the email address that BC Support will use to communicate with you where needed

* add bookcrossing.com to each of the above

Also, please take a look in your spam / junk folder.
If there is a message from us that has arrived there, move it to your inbox, or mark it as being 'safe'.

The more members who confirm that the emails we send out are not spam, the more credibility our ISP will have, and ought to help us work towards all of our messages being delivered to members.

We thank you in advance for your support.

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