News from Bruce & BC HQ: Reported data breach
September 23, 2022
It has become apparent that a data breach has occurred, involving a pre-2013 BookCrossing database backup copy. Read more from BookCrossing HQ HERE in the Announcements forum. more »
News from the BC Support Team: We're back...again!
September 19, 2022
BC Support is back! Over the past month we encountered an issue where messages sent via Contact Us, were not being received into our Support Mailbox. Happy to report that the technical glitch has been fixed, and 'Contact Us' is now working as it shou... more »
UPDATE: Issue with Supply Store checkout
August 15, 2022
As has been widely reported in the forums as well as from Members contacting the BC Support Team directly, some have been experiencing issues when it comes to checkout in the Supply Store - notably the button 'shakes' and you cannot proceed to the ne... more »
Vacation time in the BC Supply Store
July 14, 2022
Hi all, This is a heads up that our Store Manager is going on vacation, which may result in some delay in your orders being shipped. We're doing what we can to keep these delays to a minimum, and to ensure maximum rest and relaxation at the same time... more »
News from the BC Support Team: We're back!
May 18, 2022
The technical glitch has been fixed, and 'Contact Us' is now working as it should. Thank you. more »
News from the BC Support Team: "Contact Us" not working
May 17, 2022
Unfortunately the BC Volunteer Support Team are unable to access support tickets sent to "Contact Us" at this time. While we navigate fixing this technical glitch, please utilize the Site Questions: Basic and Advanced forum, which can be fo... more »
Happy BookCrossing Day to all!
April 21, 2022
How time flies! Before we knew it, it's already BookCrossing Day again. As some members noted in the forums, this year's celebrations are being kept small; however, it's still Ballycumber's birthday, and it's a great day to go out and release a book ... more »
A message from Ballycumber
March 1, 2022
Here is a special message from Ballycumber, who wants to talk about sunflowers, for some reason. "Hello BookCrossers! I'm here today to tell you that I love sunflowers. Don't you love sunflowers too? They're so bright and sunny... you could say ... more »
News from the Translation Team - Did you know?
January 27, 2022
Did you know that is available in 16 different languages? It has been 2 years now since we added the 16th of those translations - Chinese (Traditional Han). What language would you love us to make available? And is it somethi... more »
News from our Social Media Team: we are back on Twitter
January 21, 2022
For those of you who have followed BookCrossing on Twitter, you may have noticed that there was a short period of time in November 2021, where our profile was hacked, and then disappeared altogether. With thanks to the hawk eyes of several of our Mem... more »
2022 is upon us
January 4, 2022
A New Year's message from Ballycumber. "Hello, dear BookCrossing members! It's a new year for many of us, and that means it's time to look back... and forward into the future. As we all know, the past year has been another weird one..." To ... more »
News from our Tech Team - JE Alerts & emails
December 9, 2021
Anyone who has been around the forums of late, will have seen that we have been working on the issue of the revolving stop start of JE alerts, particularly Daily Digest emails. It's been a rather recurrent issue that the emails simply stop sending, a... more »
Round 11 of Support BC - Supply Store Sweepstakes is here!
November 9, 2021
J4shaw is back again with Round 11 of the Support BC - Supply Store Sweepstakes! The last round saw 60 participants sign up (which was a new record for sign ups) and the Supply Store... more »
News from the Store: Out of office
August 11, 2021
Our Store Manager is going to be out of office for the last two weeks of August. The reason is a happy one: she'll be off on an adventure. It's possible that some orders may get delayed for a bit; sorry about that! We're wishing our Store Manager a l... more »
News from the BC Support Team: Copies of PMs are delayed
August 7, 2021
We have had a number of reports that members are encountering a delay in receiving an email copy of the PM (private message) that they have sent to another member. There also are reports of PMs not being received for several hours. Rest assured, it i... more »
UPDATE: Members registered with & not receiving PMs
July 21, 2021
We are happy to report that the issue with mail from BookCrossing being blocked to & emails is now fixed. Please contact the BC Support Team using the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page if you are still encountering ... more »
News from the BC Support Team: You can "Contact Us"
July 17, 2021
Happy to report that messages are again being received by BC Support via the "Contact Us" link. Things look a little different on our end, and there is a little ironing out to do still, bu... more »
Members not receiving JE alerts or PMs
July 13, 2021
It has been brought to our attention that some members are experiencing issues not receiving emails from BookCrossing. We have been advised that this is the case for private messages (PMs) from other members, as well as for journal and release alerts... more »
News from the BC Support Team: "Contact Us" issue
July 8, 2021
As has been talked about this past few weeks, one of the post server upgrade outage glitches has been that Contact Us has not been functioning as it ought to do. See more information on this HERE... more »
[CLOSED] Supply Store Sweepstakes
July 4, 2021
Round 10 of the Support BookCrossing - Supply Store Sweepstake is currently open and accepting entries! Purchases from the BookCrossing Supply Store is a direct way of putting much needed mon... more »

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