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From Newton Falls, Ohio USA
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My partner and I both love to read and when I told her I found this site and what all we could do with all of our massive books she was excitted. We both felt to use just the one name. I will use our initals so it can be a bit easier since two people are using the same name. I will be the one doing all of the PMs, searching, talking etc. for both of us so it wont be as hard on people.

My initals are JRK I am the one in the RABCK birthday wish lish My WISH LIST is attached to the home page section

My partners are KSK

KSK likes to read a lot of mystery, civil war, crime, Nora Roberts (the only romance reader she will read), John Grisham, and anything that will catch her attention. She is a speed reader so she will get books done extreamly quicly no matter the size of the book.

Now a brief intro about me JRK. I will read read almost anything as long as it catches my eye or peaks my intrest just as ksk. Unlike ksk I have a wider range of reading I will go into many areas and read many diffrent things or from many diffrent authors.

There will be some bookrings or rays that both of us may or will want to read. Since KSK can speed read and get any book done in less than week, I JRK will also be able to get the book done in time before sending it off in the required time period.

Bookrays JRK has started:
Ancient Egypet by Lorna Oakes and Lucia Gahlin (Sent out 9/7/05)
Daddy's Little Girl by Mary Higgins Clark
Birthright by Nora Roberts

Bookrings JRK has started:
Girl with a Pearl Earing by Tracy Chevalier

RABCK JRK has give out to fellow BC:
Blessings by Belva Plane
Tapestry by Belva Plane
Legacy by Belva Plane
Whipers by Belva Plane
All over but the Shoutin' by Rick bragg

JRKS Wish List

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