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I have not been active on Bookcrossing since 2005 bUnfortunately many of the books I registered in 2005 are gone but without their release numbers in them. For the moment please disregard anything registered pre-2009.

You can still contact me via PM

Apologies to all Terry Pratchett fans. I made the mistake of introducing my boyfriend to TP after registering the books and he would now like to keep them for a couple of years. As soon as I figure out which ones he really wants to keep I will update their status, for the moment they are all reserved.

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Yep that's me, mercifully blurred! I'm a re-enactor, 15th/19th Century, early medieval, War of the Roses, Colonial America, American Civil War etc.
Irish Re-enactment

About myself? A bibliophile obviously, and have recently gotten into annotation which has helped me get over my mental block with fiction. I find if I can argue back or just sneer I enjoy a book much better.

I like the idea of 'message in a bottle' so when I first started bookcrossing I intended to be primarily a wild releaser and without getting too pedantic about it theme my drop off point to the content of the book to try and nab a sympathetic reader, themed releases. But these days I'm all trades and RABCKs. So....if you see an available book on my shelf you would like don't hesitate to ask. I don't register my Personal Collection (any PC books set by me were gifts from other BC'ers) so everything is to be released in one way or another, you may keep any books I send you for your PC.

Although I'm always happy to RABCK for no trade why not try the barter system if you really want to trade but don't have a 'suitable' book : 200g bar of Dairymilk with Crunchie in it 'cause we can't get it in Ireland for instance... You are also more than welcome to facilitiate my stationery fetish: notebooks, pens, sealing wax, stamps, letter writing stuff, card blanks.... Soap from Lush are also good...

Reserved books, as set by me, are my Annotation Ring books. I send out a book, usually non-fiction, to 5 other participants who read and annotate (notes in the margins) the book before sending it on.

Current Annotation Rings:
How to Read & Why - Harold Bloom
This ring died somewhere in the post on the way to its first participant.

Two UK Book Crossing Projects I am partaking in:
In 2004 I did something fantastic!

UK Bookcrossers Words of Wisdom

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