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I am on and butterflycoins as Tintri. I am married to a man who does not enjoy reading (what?how?hunh?!) I have two wonderful little boys who enjoy being read to, the oldest of whom is discovering the joy of reading for himself. I like long walks (cliche, i know, but 4 hours along the shore or through the forest is just bliss), I'm learning to quilt and while I'm not very good at it, I do enjoy it. I'm hoping to get some BC action going up here, but not much luck so far.
My shelves don't always reflect my reading interests. I like crime thrillers, fantasy, historical romance, and some young adult fiction (don't judge me).

For what I'm reading now or have recently in the last year or two, check out Goodreads.

Books Read 2008:
1.Shadow Prey--John Sandford
2.Certain Prey--John Sandford
3.Naked Prey--John Sandford
4.Invisible Prey--John Sanford
5.The Long Walk--Slavomir Rawicz
6.The Memory Keeper's Daughter--Kim Edwards
7.Perfection of Character--Teruyuki Okazaki
8.Scarlett--Alexandria Ripley
9.Intensity--Dean Koontz
10.The Accidental Vampire--Lyndsey Sands
11.Rogue--Rachel Vincent
12.The Friday Night Knitting Club--Kate Jacobs
13.The Historian--Elizabeth Kostova
14.Chosen Prey--John Sanford
15.The Hindi Bindi Club--Monica Pradhan
16.Girl in the Cellar--Allan Hall & Michael Leidig
17.Vampires are Forver--Lindsey Sands
18.Escape--Carolyn Jessop-w/ Laura Palmer
19.Red Dragon(yes,again)--Thomas Harris
20.Vampire Interrupted--Lindsey Sands
21.Back on Blossom Street--Debbie Macomber
22.A Stroke of Midnight--
23.Night Prey--John Sandford
24.Big Bad Wolf--James Patterson
25.Silver Bells--Luanne Rice
26.A Quick Bite--Lindsey Sands
27.Velocity--Dean Koontz
28.4th of July--James Patterson
29.The Boston Strangler--

RABK's I've received:
Woman's Guide to Investing-
The Teacher Who Coudn't Read-booklady331
The Marine's Kiss-LGinder
Pampered Chef-LGinder
Pampered Chef-LGinder
Rules of Prey-booklady331
Must Love Dogs-Trekkwoman
Mythology of Cats-Trekkwoman

RABK's I've sent out:
Airframe bookjunkie1
The Experiment thursday5
Crime and Punishment charlenemartel
Black House Quiron
Roots froggirlwendy
Shogun hshah
Funeral in Blue dot-dot
Of Love and Other Demons catsalive
Daughter of Time Bulan-Purnama
Englishman's Daughter buffy25
A Walk to Remember alkaline-kiwi

Books for Soldiers I've sent:
Enemy Mine
Last Scene Alive
The Quick and the Dead (via
Hannibal (2) (via
X-Files-Whirlwind (via
Fire Sea (via
Unnatural Exposure (via
The Drawing of the Three (via
E is for Evidence (via

1.Men in Kilts-Katie MacAlister
2.Sex and the Single Vampire-Katie MacAlister
3.Hard Days Knight-Katie MacAlister
4.Drinking Midnight Wine-Simon R. Green
5.Sex,Lies and Vampires-Katie MacAlister
6.American Gods-Neil Gaiman(yes, again)
7.The Next Accident-Lisa Gardner
8.River God-Wilbur Smith
9.Cell: A Novel-Stephen King
10.The Seventh Scroll-Wilbur Smith
11.Nickel and Dimed-Barbara Ehrenreich
12.Hondo-Louis L'Amour
13.The Teacher Who Couldn't Read
14.In Golden Blood-Stephen Woodworth
15.Undead and Unemployed-Mary-Janice Davidson
16.Shadow Game-Christine Feehan
17.Hex and the City-Simon R Green
18.Agents of Light and Darkness-Simon R Green
19.Ceasars Way-Ceasar Milan
20.Mindhunter-John Douglas(?)
21.Witches Bane-Susan Wittig Albert
22.Hidden Prey-John Sandford
23.Nightseer-Laurel K Hamilton
24.Small Gods-Terry Pratchett
25.Of love and other demons-Gabriel Garcia Marquez
26.The Experiment-John Darnton
27.Wifey-Judy Blume
28.How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents-Julia Alvarez
29.Naked Prey-John Sandford
30.Enemy Mine-Barry B. Longyear& David Gerrold
31.Last Scene Alive-Charlaine Harris
32.Seventh Son-Orson Scott Card
33.The Devil Met a Lady-Stuart Kaminsky
34.The Marine's Kiss-Shirley Jump
35.Rules of Prey-John Sandford
36.The X-Files:Whirlwind
37.Royal Treatment-Mary Janice Davidson
38.Must Love Dogs-Claire Cook
39.Songs of Susannah-Stephen King
40.Why do Men have Nipples-Mark Leyner, Billy Goldberg
41.Drinker of Souls-Jo Clayton
42.Caress of Twilight-Laurell K.Hamilton
43.Even Vampires Get the Blues-Katie MacAlister
44.The Quick and the Dead-Curtis
45.Mind Game-Christine Feehan
46.Blow Me Down-Katie MacAlister
Oops, stopped keeping track a while back. Try to do better in 2007
The books I've read so far(2006) are not necessarily a true reflection of my reading taste. At the end of 2005 a room mate was moving out and left several boxes of books behind. I wanted to release them all, but feel guilty releasing a book I've not read. All of the para-romances fall into this category. That's not to say they were all bad. Some were ok or even entertaining, some were pure, unadulterated cheese. The historical fiction and crime/thrillers are more my taste.
1.What the Deaf/Mute Heard
2.American Gods(yet again)-Neil Gaiman
3.Ride the River-Louis L'Amour
4.Lost Souls-Poppy Z Bright
5.Warlock-Wilbur Smith
6.Seduced by Moonlight
7.Evening Class-Maeve Binchey
8.Road to Perdition
9.The Lakehouse
10.Practical Magic
11.2nd Chance
12.Mind Prey-John Sandford
14.When the Wind Blows
16.Mortal Prey-John Sandford
18.Pillars of the Earth-Ken Follett
19.What Memories Remain-Cait London
20.Secret Prey-John Sandford
21.Harry Potter #4-JK Rowling
22.Harry Potter #5-JK Rowling
23.Harry Potter #6-JK Rowling
24.The Narrows
25.The Bonesetters Daughter-Amy Tan
26.Seize the Night-Dean Koontz
27.Derik's Bane
28.The Kitchen Witch
29.Single White Vampire-Lindsey Sands
30.Love Bites-Lindsey Sands
31.Tall, Dark and Hungry-Lindsey Sands
32.The Other Boleyn Girl-Phillipa Gregory
33.A Girl's Guide to Vampires-Katie MacAlister
34.The Corset Diaires-Katie MacAlister
35.The Shining-Stephen King
36.Improper English-Katie MacAlister

Wow, that's a pretty pathetic list. I'll have to get busy with the reading!!
If you have any suggestions on books I might enjoy, let me know and I'll try to track them down.

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