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As long as I can remember I have been an avid reader. Well, that's not quite true. I remember in first grade (before mandatory kindergarten) having a little trouble getting started - of having to be in the "robin" reading group for a little while instead of the "bluebirds." That was really painfully embarrassing for me and so I worked hard to improve my skills. Improve I did - once those elusive skills kicked in, I became quite an avid reader, good speller, excellent writer, and read everything I could get my hands on. I saved my small allowance and bought books whenever the library sponsored "book for sale" rack was wheeled into our homeroom each Friday. Before long I had a library all my own. Books were my treasures - transporting me to places that I would never visit except in my mind as I read the tantlizing descriptions. Oh, the adventures that I was able to have - not only those I read, but my quite vivid imagination fed by all the books I read, transported me to other places as I played with my cousins and imaginary friends when I was alone. It was good...

That love of reading followed me into adulthood and my library grew and grew - I started to weed those out that I no longer read, sharing them with everyone that wanted any. I still have hundreds (perhaps still over a thousand) - those that I am hoping to distribute now. ) Of course I'll keep a few: my favorites and those I want my grandchildren to read. It will take some time, but using will be a wonderful way to distribute them and see where they travel!

For a little more about me - check out my website. It starts... Just call me "Kukana" and I will answer I am interested in a great number of things including: art with its traditions, music, nature, historical reenactments, sewing, other creative processes, family, and people in general. Because of this I find myself involved in many types of different activities such as renaissance faires, tutoring learning disabled children, art galleries, music/coffee houses, and other volunteer organizations.. One of the benefits includes meeting many interesting people. I am grateful for those who have touched my life.. (see website for more...)

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