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From Inglis, Florida USA
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I'm a seeker of information, but I like best the amazing things I find when I'm not really looking...

I'm a young romantic, but the need for romance and excitement in my life has made for disappointment and unnecessary pain, and so I'm working on letting go of all those dreams that are binding me down. It's so hard, but I want freedom. You know, when you are young, you read all these books and watch all these movies and listen to all this music and hear about the history of living and loving, and so you take all of it to heart and create all these dreams. And you feel that achieving them is what is most important. But it all distracts you from what is REALLY important: yourself, your circle. I've realized that what is really important is if something came and took everything that I have away, and I had only myself left, would I be at peace?

For me, my books were where it all started. I read and dreamed and wove, and (don't get me wrong)loved every minute of it. Ha, but now I have to let go...

When I just happened upon this site today, I just thought, "wow, that's kind of amazing." It's perfect.

I love books and will, of course, always read them. So if anyone has any recommendations I am open.

I like old classics and new age development, I read a lot of mysticism and books for enlightenment (non-religious), and I also like books about scientific development, especially pertaining to the universe and the earth itself. I'm also a tree-hugger..:)

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