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FRI 14 OCT 2022

[THE SERPENT AND THE PEARL (1 of 2) by Kate Quinn | 8/10]
THE MAID by Nita Prose | 8/10
KINGSCASTLE by Sophia Holloway | 7/10
PRINCESS ELIZABETH'S SPY (Maggie Hope, 3) by Susan Elia Macneal | 9/10
THE GIRL IN HIS, SHADOW by Audrey Blake | 8/10
[BK (Series, ?) by Athr| ?/10]

FRIDAY 14 OCTOBER 2022 | For me this year no visits to Bloody Scotland in Stirling. Instead a digital ticket to Bloody Scotland, late September, so I happily I listened to a great many events. All were all worthwhile in one way or another. Wonderful to hear authors being interviewed about their writing. All riviting, some had unexpected slants on the topics discussed and one event in particular confirmed I'd stick to the authors I'm currently enjoying. Especially impressed by some of the interviewers, and all in all tremendously exciting!
Lots of reading happening currently —record keeping? Oh, dear, not so much.
MONDAY 17 JANUARY 2022 | I am finially up-to-date with my wish list though I suspect there may yet be some discrepancies. [I'll sort them as they become apparent.] However, the alterations having accrued for an embarrassingly long time meant this weekends tinkering took an age, squeezed over into Monday morning and in the end was rushed to a halt. Cheers rainbow3!

ME | Love reading and I’m a fiction fan. Note - my wish-list and the FIVE FAVOURITE READS of recent times gives the most accurate indication of my current reading interests. The range of books on my full bookshelf does not reflect my reading taste as it is skewed by the addition of books I’ve merely passed on and not read. My BookCrossing records are a part of my Reading Booklog so I generally leave ridiculously detailed notes on books I’ve read. Otherwise I only note briefly books I have passed on via BookCrossing. My profile ‘age’ actually records, at a glance, my years of bookcrossing adventures!
JOINING IN POSTAL ADVENTURES | Rings, Rays & Trades/Swaps | Overseas swaps depend on current finances, but please ask, you never know?
SWAPPING | because my ‘Available’ list is usually tiny I also offer books from my TBR list when swapping. ‘Available’ books (in my possession) are always few, as I tend to read, review, THEN register and usually, swiftly release books! I love crafting bookmarks and usually include my own hand-made bookmarks in my swap parcels!
BOOK EXCHANGES – YES, LIKE | BOOKS [Yes, wish-list books are super lovely treats! I am happy with any book though as I can pass BC books on elsewhere.] | BC WINGS | BC RELEASE SUPPLIES, hand-created labels or official printed labels. | BOOKMARKS | PENS | Wee HAND-WRITTEN NOTES accompanying parcels. | Small amusment from your location, for example from me that could be a box of teeth-clenchingly sweet Edinburgh Rock. | CHOCOLATE - dark plain or plus Caramel, Cardamon, Hazelnuts, Lemon, Mint, Orange, Raspberry, Seasalt. Galaxy ‘Minstrels’, & Galaxy ‘Ripples’. | CRAFTING SUPPLIES, see below materials I use to make bookmarks.
BOOK EXCHANGES – NO THANKS | candles – pencils – tea bags – toileteries

Finally, huge THANK YOU’s to all the lovely BookCrossers who have traded with me and kindly sent me books – crafting bits YAY - and JOY gifted me BookCrossing wings.
NB BookCrosser Flutterbies9, my sister, has my address and can contact me swiftly.

HAND-MADE BOOKMARKS | I often add my hand-made bookmarks to my book swap parcels. The four main types I make are listed below.
I will get some photos of these posted somewhere, sometime – none as yet though.
MATERIALS I USE | card bookmarks use recycled packaging, used greeting cards, [any magazine image that might make a bonny bookmark] and/or gift-wrap papers and tapes with recycled magnetic sheet. While the glass beads, ribbons and threads for the beaded ribbons and glittery cord bookmarks are mostly shop bought craft materials plus materials gleaned from charity shop trawls.

MY WISHLIST – I am currently up to date with my wishlist though I suspect there may yet be some discrepancies. [I'll sort them as they become apparent.] I have in the past and may again pop my wishlist onto my profile.
MON 28 MAR 2022

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