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From Mumford, New York USA
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Hi, I'm Necole. I have 2 daughters; the oldest has her own bookshelf:

CaelaBella's shelf

the youngest has her own bookshelf:

Shashti's shelf

-- if you want to trade any of their available books, PM me and I'll arrange it
. I'm an English teacher in degree and theory, and I'm looking at starting a tutoring center.

My book tastes are ecclectic: teen books, especially Holocaust-based fiction; new age stuff, angels, and differing views of Christianity; the "classical canon," including Shakespeare and the other "Dead White Guys"; the new canon, especially Toni Morrison. If a book is marked PC on my shelf, it's worth asking to borrow and return it -- these are books I want to keep as long as I'm around, but I want to share them, too.

I have many books which are victims of my "English Teacher Mentality." This would be the thought that since I'm an English teacher, I need to have copies of this book for me to read and for my students to access. I have not read many of these books - sad? Yes. However, BookCrossing has forced me to identify these, and they are now in Mount TBR.

PLEASE NOTE: After August 7, 2004, I will only be sending out mailings once a month. I'll PM you when the book is being sent. The only exceptions to this practice will be Bookring, Bookray, and Bookbox books.

The Books I Collect **If it fits into this category, I reserve the right to make it part of my permanent-as-long-as-I-am collection.**
-- Nancy Drew books (any of the different series)
-- Young Adult/Teenage Holocaust-based fiction
-- The Magic Tree House series
-- Any book by Jan Brett
-- Any book by Tomie de Paola
-- Any book by Eric Carle
-- Any book by Richard Paul Evans

Bookrings, Bookboxes, Bookrays I'm Involved With

-- Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy -- Order of members; jenvince, BecfromMD, Teenage-faerie, Ilios, Amaranta20, Luintaurien, FiBe, Lifthrasir, Infantrywife101, back to jenvince, and back to me in Mumford, NY --Amaranta20 currently has. I believe this one is lost -- it's been awhile.


My Wishlist
-- The Time Witches by Michael Molloy
-- The Bone People by Kerri Hulme
-- The Tenth Insight by James Redfield
-- Hidden Legacy by Margaret Hodapp
-- A Wolf at the Door: And Other Retold Fairy Tales by Ellen Datlow
-- Any of the Joshua series by Joseph F. Girzone


This is a neat thing that a BCer let me know about. The red areas are countries and states I've visited.

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