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I feel rather guilty, as most of what I decide to release is the stuff I didn't like much myself. Oh, well. It's better than selling them to Hastings for $1 each, isn't it? And I keep my eyes open for cheap/used copies of the good ones I can't bare to part with so there may be one I can release, I swear it.

By the way, if you notice I may have rated badly a book that is actually well-loved and is quite good... Well, I guess there's no denying it. Yes, you've found me out: No, I didn't actually read it. That's right. This whole reading books thing, this whole actually being literate thing, all a big hoax. I'm sorry. So, so sorry. But if you know me you have to admit you kind of got the feeling at some point, didn't you? That also goes for if you find something in my bookshelf that's at all embarrassing, in particular that one with the magical incestuous gay slave-bond.

If you see any really cool bookshelves in the Boise area, let me know. Full, strange-looking bookshelves from the thrift store are the ultimate status symbol. Also large, flat, pink kangaroos from the thrift store. But right now, I'm looking for bookshelves. So make sure to let me know. Also make sure it will go well next to the kangaroo. It's the only open place in my room right now.

Most of permanent collection is available for lending/trading, provided I have money for shipping and depending on how scared I am of dealing with people I don't know at the time (no offense. really ^^). This actually goes for TBR books as well, as long as it doesn't happen to be one of the ones I was thinking about reading soon. 'Available' books are all decked out for the wild, but just haven't wandered themselves away quite yet. Apologies for the short unhelpful comments left about the books, I lose the ability to say more than a couple sentences about anything after a certain amout of time has passed since I finished it. I also especially apologize for the ones that don't have short unhelpful comments, because the rest of them simply have long unhelpful comments. I write them because I like remembering (mostly=venting when annoyed at) books, and because no one's ACTUALLY going to read that crap, right?

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