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When I was a chunky little child who loved to read, my mother tried like crazy to get me out and moving -- she even tried bowling. Finally, giving in to her recalcitrant kid, she converted an unused bedroom into a bright, sunny reading room just for me. It was pale yellow with dormer windows on two sides and window seats. The walls were covered with shelves and on the shelves were.... I never looked back. In college I double-majored in English literature and American studies so I could.... read. After college I lived on a farm in Europe and started reading other languages. When I came back to America I was seduced by television for a while and then, one day, turned it off forever and went back to reading. I like paperbacks because 1) they're easy to hold 2) they feel nice, and 3) if you read while eating, it doesn't matter as much if a little drop of artichoke butter dots an i or crosses a t. Right now I'm reading Menand's Metaphysical Club and Menocal's Ornament of the World alongside a book on Newfoundland called The Danger Tree and David Sedaris' essays. Martin Amis' War on Cliche is also in the "current" pile with Harper's, the New Yorker, the Nation, and today's Times. Other members of my family live in houses about which visitors always say, Wow, This Place Is Gorgeous. My visitors usually say something like, Gee, you must like books?

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