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From Spring, Texas USA
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Thanks to all the people that have been there for me over the last six months. I'm still looking for a job (anyone need a project manager in Houston?), but I'm slowly starting to get back with the program. There are still several rings that have gotten stuck with me, but I have another twenty or so to mail out this week (7/7/04). Thanks again for all of your support during my time of need!

I have been an avid reader ever since I was a little girl. My favorite authors include, but certainly aren't limited to, Stephen King, Laurell K. Hamilton, Clive Barker, H. P. Lovecraft, David Eddings, Pam Houston, Douglas Adams, Janet Evanovich, J. K. Rowling, David Sedaris, and Christopher Moore.

I have a blog (an online journal of sorts) - target="_blank">Neurotic Fishbowl - where you can find out more about me than you'd probably want to know. I also have a book review blog - target="_blank">BiblioBlog - where I review what I've read since January of 2002. I also have a never ending list of books that I've bought and need to read and books that I'm planning on buying.

If you're so inclined, feel free to send me something from my BC Wish List. I'm interested in trading and receiving books from all states, so take a look and see if you can help me out. Any book on my shelf with an @ symbol at the beginning of its title is available for immedite RABCK or trade, so PM me if anything interests you.

You can see all my books displayed on one page here.

My Bookrings/rays
These are the bookrings/rays that I've organized. I plan on having several more, so check back often! Please PM me your location (city, state or city, country) and shipping preference (US, international, etc.) to join.

Bookrings/rays I've joined:
Books in red have been read and sent on and books in bold purple are currently in my possesion. In addition I'm a member of The Odd Duck Perpetual BookRay started by lightwavz and also the target="_blank">Book Club that target="_blank">Jas330 started.

Books From Other States
I've been inspired by the other BXers that I've seen that have a list of states they've received books from, so I started my own. I'm going to list trades and RABCKs here, but not rings/rays. If your state's not listed, feel free to send me something. ;-)

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX----------- target="_blank">Alabama, target="_blank">Alaska, target="_blank">Arizona, target="_blank">Arkansas, target="_blank">California, target="_blank">Colorado, target="_blank">Connecticut, target="_blank">Florida, target="_blank">Georgia, target="_blank">Hawaii, target="_blank">Idaho, target="_blank">Illinois, target="_blank">Indiana, target="_blank">Iowa, target="_blank">Kentucky, target="_blank">Louisiana, target="_blank">Maine, target="_blank">Maryland, target="_blank">Massachusetts, target="_blank">Minnesota, target="_blank">Michigan, target="_blank">Missouri, target="_blank">New Hampshire, target="_blank">New Jersey, target="_blank">New York, target="_blank">North Carolina, target="_blank">Ohio, target="_blank">Oklahoma, target="_blank">Oregon, target="_blank">Pennsylvania, target="_blank">South Carolina, target="_blank">Tennessee, target="_blank">Texas, target="_blank">Utah, target="_blank">Vermont, target="_blank">Virginia, target="_blank">Washington, target="_blank">West Virginia, target="_blank">Wisconsin

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