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I'm a Chemical Engineer who used to live by the seaside. But since I got a new job in 2006, we had to move away from Poole and we now live in sunny Hampshire instead.

I enjoy reading, but don't always get enough time to read as much as I would like to. I enjoy a wide range of books, including Stephen King, Don Aslett and CSI tie-ins.

Snaffled from TutleyMutley! I like this - if you want one, go to and have a go yourself!

KABrushed metalIEOne Digit / 1980 O

I've got another bookshelf for books that come into my possession for release only (i.e. ones that I am not likely to read) and so it's worth checking that out. Sometimes there are availables on that shelf, sometimes not, but if they're in my possession, I will at least consider sending them out (not usually as RABCKs requested for nothing in return, though). Go here:

I found Don Aslett as a great author in Jan 2005, and really enjoyed his books that I've read so far. As a self-confessed hoarder, the information contained within those pages is like gold-dust! Between Don Aslett and FlyLady, my house is slowly becoming more of a home, and less cluttered with random "stuff"!! BC is definitely helping with that, though, as I've been brought up believing that books are sacred items, and should never be dismantled or just thrown away unless they really are on their last legs! This site helps me to release at least some of the clutter in my home to people who will actually appreciate it!

I have so many books still to read that are not registered on here yet - partly because it takes a few minutes for me to register each one, and partly because of the sheer volume of books to register! So I'm gradually working my way through them all, and trying to start with the ones that I plan to release, in order to try to reduce the amount of books in our little house! And yet, I still keep on buying new books in order to be able to read and release them! Oops!

I used to read loads and loads, but had got out of the habit since leaving Uni and having to work full-time. I've definitely been reading more again since joining this site, though - mainly so that I can increase my numbers of releases!

Note May 2005: I just brought home two boxes of my books that have been in my parent's loft for over 2 years since I moved out! There are books in there that I had forgotten I owned, and some have never even been read! I'm in the process of registering them all, but there are quite a lot, and I want to read them all before I release them! So it may take me quite some time before they are all released!
My aim is that eventually I will have registered all of the books that I already own, and that I will only have to stay on top of registering the new ones that I buy. Considering the amount of my books that seem to still require registering, and the fact that I know that there is at least one box of my books still in the loft at my parent's house, this may be a seriously long-term goal! But, I can dream, and I know from Flylady that if I do things a little bit at a time (like registering a couple of books each day or so) that I will get results. Then it's just actually reading them all!!! *lol*

(I borrowed the RABACK logo on some of my journal entries from another BC-er, but I can't remember who - sorry, but it is *such* a great logo!)

And finally, just for a giggle:
Here is Spike1972's interpretation of what *could* be Welsh for bookcrossing (just for a giggle you understand, no offence meant - he's Welsh himself): bunchofnuttersaddictedtobooksandreadingandchoccynessio

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