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Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. (J.K Rowling)

I live in London, however was brought up in Kent. I currently own two rescue hamsters one, a boy, who is very anti-social and lazy and the other a girl, who is hyper.

I love chocolates and biscuits, however I am also strictly gluten free as I have Coeliacs disease, so react even to items that may contain trace elements. This has however made losing weight a lot easier! I don't buy gluten free biscuits often as they are expensive and I tend to eat the whole packet, however do love the occasional gluten free custard cream. If you are sending any to me, just one packet or bar of chocolate as otherwise I eat them all at once. Fortunately I also enjoy cooking which means I eat better than the majority of people these days!

I also enjoy cycling, gardening, getting bargains, charity shops, travelling (well used to .... I live in hope), learning French, colouring and when I can find a restaurant that won't poison me, eating out! I am also trying hard to reduce my plastic use and participate sometimes in the Facebook "postcards of kindness" scheme where you send postcards to nursing homes. I also love things like nice bars of soap, bath bombs, 2nd hand things, pens etc.

I love reading a wide variety of books as you will see from my list of books read. I am trying to read the BBC top 200 books (2003) I have read over 100 of them now, however I suspect a new list will be out before I complete this list! I love the eclectic nature of the list, although I still struggle to classify "Winnie the Pooh" as a novel!

I am also enjoy independent travelling, however clearly this has been curtailed in 2020-21. I did go abroad for 4 weeks in 2019 after discovering cheap coach travel and how cheap it is to eat if you go self catering. I felt really frivolous at the time, however am so glad that I did.

I am learning French, hence you'll see a few French books in my TBR list (and a few availables)

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