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From Telford, Shropshire United Kingdom
Age 71
Joined Wednesday, September 19, 2007
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My Love Story, Tina Turner
Spare Us A Harrody, Vincent, Bruno
Dragons of the Valley, Donita K. Paul
Macrame For Beginners, Lory Grace
Macrame Super Easy, Josephine Kirsch
More than happy to swap or refund postage costs.

For anyone looking for likes/dislikes clues for RACBC's?
I have no allergy's.
I like weird & Quirky items.
I Love Dragons and Windchimes. (I think I must have been a Dragon in a former life lol, My hubby bless him alway's called me one lol...)
I Prefer Savoury to sweet and prefer Coffee to Tea.
I am a practical Joker, so be prepared if you recieve anything from me lol.
I have a scatty O.A.P Cat called Dizzy to keep me company but not quite a crazy cat lady just yet.... but only time will tell........

The list of books on my Bookshelf are not necessarily the type of books I read myself as I've started volunteering a my local charity shop, and rescue books that arn't sold from being sent to scrap, so I have a plentiful suppy to share through bookcrossing.

Bookcrossing has recently become a lifeline for me. Although I've been Bookcrossing for years, the last 2 years has been really rough for me, my partner and soul mate has passed away after 47 yrs of marriage. (Not looking for sympathy)
We both enjoyed Bookcrossing, and releasing books since he passed away has kept me both sane and given me a reason to get up in the mornings.

I don't have a favourite type of book or Author... If I like the blurb on the back cover? I'll read it.
I mostly read and enjoy... Humor/Comedy, sci-fi, Mythological or Spiritual, & Autobiography's, but I also enjoyed a load of children's books lol.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Book Crossing.
Spread and share the Love, 1 Book at a time.

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