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you know I never know what to say here but I'll try. I live in a small town / city in Arkansas and spend a lot of time either reading or on the computer, my niece reffered me here well okay she nagged me until I checked it out *L* but she was right it is a good site once I learn to navigate it.
I grew up reading when I was 6 and other kids were outside playing in the middle of summer I was the kid in my room curled up with a copy of Edgar Allen Poe, a gift from my grandmother; my mother loved to read she would read the encyclopedia if she had nothing else and she passed this on to us.
Now of course its my niece, my aunt, and me who does all the reading the rest of the family either too busy or chasing other things but we are trying to pass it on to the little ones.
I think that the idea of sharing books is great and this is something I will enjoy doing.
As for about me *L* Im insane and an 43 I feel and act 16 even if I do look good for 100.....but I love life on my terms not those of what others think my life should be. Im a loner to a great degree most of my social interaction on the internet because I dont like to go anywhere, watch little tv though there are some things I do like to watch on it; wrestling, news, King of Queens, the new mini series 10.5, star trek definitely (and any other show like that). I like fantasy, medieval, history (especially ancient cultures), some action, disaster, and while I like mystery and scary things I dont like Stephen King, chick flicks, or love stories.
Lord of the Rings is my favorite fantasy adventure, I love the classics like Casablanca but then Im a Bogey fan, the Last of the Mohicans, things like this.
I hope this is enough because I have a very ecclectic personality and tastes and to list more would take all day.

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