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From Almelo, Overijssel Netherlands
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Reading now, February 2023: Seduction in Death by JD Robb

BCUK Uncon, Colchester 2012, I came, I saw, I conquered!

IMPORTANT: PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Please DO NOT send me any packets or parcels from any country which is not in the EU. The Dutch government will now charge me both a fixed customs tax and a handling tax, even if the value of the package is just one or two euros they will charge me a ridiculous amount to receive it. So I cannot receive anything here except letters in normal envelopes and not padded envelopes. If you wish to send me something that I cannot resist, then please send me a private message as I may be able to arrange for it to be sent to another address in the UK. I will not know if this is possible until I ask, and I cannot get to the UK all that often.
I love miniature things. Really mini teddybears, hand made or teeny ornaments & mini animals. I adore really teeny weeny mini crochet animals or knitted ones. I also love those reusable fabric bags. I love cats!! I also collect all things seaside like wonderful intriguing sea glass. One of my hobbies is painting stones and leaving them somewhere for others to find. I am in love with "Posca" paint pens, and am always happy to receive one Posca fine tipped pen, or any size tip. I started my own stone painting group here in The Netherlands and the group now has 14, 098 members. You could call it a sort of "Rock crossing". If you want to look at it, then it is called "NL Rocks" (on facebook) copy and paste this link into facebook: I love tiny paintings of seaside scenes and I like beach huts, sandcastles, or anything reminding me of a day at the seaside! I do so miss the sea as I don't live anywhere near to a sea now that I live in the Netherlands. I love Essex and Devon and I adore Cornwall. I believe in fairies and Cornish pixies!

My birthday is on 14th September.
I am first and foremost, a fridge dweller! :))
I really love miniature things, especially really mini hand made teddy bears and teeny weeny teddy ornaments. I like teeny weeny crochet bears or animals, or knitted bears and animals. I like miniature Christmas tree ornaments and I love seaside things. I love jointed mohair teddy bears, rats and mice in any sizes! My favourite animals are cats!
I have a small glass display case with many teeny weeny teddy bear ornaments inside.
I have always loved reading books. I am happy to be a member of bookcrossing because it's nice to know that my books are being passed on to others after I have read them.I love reading because stories take me into another world!
My favourite authors at this time are Alexander McCall Smith and M.C. Beaton .
I do so miss the seaside, because where I live now is nowhere near the sea! 🙁 Ooooh nearly forgot my lifelong love of Rupert Bear annuals. Whenever I visit England the annuals are not on sale. So I can never get more of them!) :((
More about me: Well I am English, born and bred, and I come from good old Essex, (forget all the jokes about "Essex Girls"), but I do come complete with Essex sayings like "It's good here innit", and of course I have an Essex accent, although I can speak "The Queen's English" if I put my mind to it.
I moved to The Netherlands in 2002. Books are just too expensive here and English books are so hard to find. I am unemployed, and it is so difficult to get a job. I really love people, (ok, not everyone), and I never forget kindness from others.I'm just a friendly person! I hate being lonely, and as an expat in another country you can get very lonely sometimes. That's where books can help, by taking you into a different environment for a short while.
I love cats!
I hope that I am a nice person. I try to be. Please do try to get to know me if you wish to. PMs are always welcome. I collect friends! . 🙂
** I read books in the English language only.
*** I have been receiving requests for books lately, please note that I really cannot afford to post out books these days. I would love to, but I just can't!

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