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I've haven't been active for several years (thanks to two young and active boys, plus building a home-based business. I don't know what made me think of bookcrossing recently, but I thought I'd pop in and see how it's all doing. Still alive and thriving, so I will get back to releasing some books soon :) Thanks!" alt="Lilypie 1st Birthday Pic" width="60" height="80" border="0" />" alt="Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker" border="0" />" alt="Lilypie 3rd Birthday Pic" width="95" height="80" border="0" />" alt="Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker" border="0" />

My mom introduced me to this site when she found a 'wild' book, and I think it is a great idea. I keep bugging friends and family to join up and be more active, and hope that someday soon they will listen!!

Books I Read in 2008??

My Completed Bookrings & Bookrays

The Red Tent -- Anita Diamant
Mindhunter -- John Douglas / Mark Olshaker
Light on Snow -- Anita Shreve
Mystic River -- Dennis Lehanne
Bel Canto -- Ann Patchett
The Handmaid's Tale -- Margaret Atwood
The Concubine's Children. -- Denise Chong
Airframe. -- Michael Crichton
Airport. -- Arthur Hailey
River, Cross My Heart. -- Breena Clarke
She's Come Undone -- Wally Lamb
Running with Scissors -- Augusten Burroughs
Enemy Women. -- Paulette Jiles

My Dead :-( Bookrings & Bookrays

The Cat and the Curmudgeon -- Cleveland Amory (lost in transit?)
The Best Cat Ever -- Cleveland Amory (lost in transit?)
The Da Vinci Code -- Dan Brown
Beautiful Losers -- Leonard Cohen -- currently stalled with Fio-dagua.I Am afraid this is dead, and am disappointed that I gave the benefit of the doubt to fio-dagua despite earlier situations so similar to this :-(

My Favourite Reads of Years Past...

2004 -- The Secret Life of Bees , The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time , She's Come Undone
2005 -- The Red Tent , Airport , Animal Farm (as scary as it is!)
2006 -- Bel Canto , To Kill a Mockingbird
2007 -- In Cold Blood , Music for Chameleons The Glass Castle
2008 -- Outlander

2008 journal ratio: 10 released in the wild, 2 journalled = 20% journal rate.
2007 journal ratio: 30 released in the wild, 1 journalled = 3% journal rate.
2005 journal ratio: 5 released in the wild, 1 journalled = 20% journal rate.
2004 journal ratio: 50 released in the wild, 16 journalled = 32% journal rate.

Books I Read in 2007 (n = 53)

Books I Read in 2006 (n = 26)

Books I Read in 2005 (n = 33)

Books I read in 2004 (n=51)

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Bookrings/rays I Completed in 2007

Bookrings & Bookrays I Completed in 2005 (n = 19)

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Bookrings & Bookrays I Completed in 2004 (n=21)

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