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From Burntwood, Staffordshire United Kingdom
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Welcome to the Birmingham-Rose bookshelf

***I'm VERY VERY SORRY for not participating over the last 8 years, I totally fell off the radar when I became sick and haven't continued with many books or rings and so I apologise if I held up any of your books. I also had to move house many times and over this time have lost or misplaced all or most of the books I had in my possession, including books marked as available on my virtual bookshelf and so unless they have been added or journalled by me during (or after) Dec 2017 please consider them to be travelling or maybe missing. I have started building up a new collection again and will make books available again (DEC 2017).

I'm totally prepared to begin again and act out as a newbie since I haven't used bc since approx 2007. I'm going to completely overhaul my available books and relist new ones as I get round to it

Books reading 2017

For clarity (and with thanks to Gizmopuddy & Microsquid) I will 'rank' my bookshelf with the following system:
10: Excellent, at the top of its category. This book has impacted me deeply, challenged me profoundly, or has just been a pure delight to read.
9: Really great book, with most (but not all) of the elements of a perfect 10.
8: Great book, gripping, well written, one that I would recommend to others.
7: Good book, enjoyable
6: Decent read, interesting, but didn’t grab me in a big way
5: Not my type of book, but I can see why other people would like it.
4: Only OK. Could take it or leave it.
3 Has major problems. I don’t recommend it.
2: Irritatingly bad. Life is too short!
1: It's hard to imagine anyone liking this book. Total waste of trees.

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