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Dear Fellow Book Crossers,
Dec 20, 2008 - I just received a PM asking me if I wanted a book in my wishlist. She saw that I was inactive for a long time. And I realized that I did not tell you all that I am currently doing my master's in multimedia communication since 2006. I have also posted on the forum asking for your help to participate in my master's theses. Well, I am please to say that I should be able to complete all by end of this year. I have already a few books lined up to be read soonest possible.

I think its about time that I put something about myself.

Ever since I was young beside reading, I love to collect things : stamps, buttons, books, to name a few. These collections are still with me but BOOKS are the one forever increasing.

Thanks to the article in the STAR newspaper, I found a great way to share my books, to mix around with other book lovers not only within Malaysia but all over the world to share our common love interest, and also found my father's colleague which after they parted (five, ten years ago?) their path have not crossed until now.

Special thanks to csun who has initiated a contact with me. I was a bit skeptical of the whole thing and meeting up with a stranger just to exchange books, but once we had chat over the net and finally meet up, felt that this is the best thing that had ever happened to me (one of the events). To extinguish all my doubts, AuntyJo also propelled me to enhance the movement locally.

Since I do cherish my books, I wish to have my books kept in good condition. Thus, I prefer to have a "controlled release". This means the books are given to other Book Crossers who request for it or/and exchanged during meet ups.

This was updated on Jan 24, 2008. Here is my wish list thanks to cliff1976:

At the moment, November 2003, I am reading Lucky Man A Memoir by Michael J. Fox I find this a great book that shows that we can overcome any obstacle if we choose to, in addition to see the intimate side of Michael ;-p. Thanks glamourboy for introducing the book.

AuntyJo and myself have created a forum especially for Selangor Book Crossers. I'm trying to link up the document to my bookshelf page - need to ask cliff1976 how to do it. So be patient.

Thanks to both AuntyJo for prompting WittySquirrel, we have now our own local group :"

Click to subscribe to malaysian-bookcrossers

Using the Yahoo Group website, now I am able to load my files to share with others. The files are :

1. The books I have read since year 2000 (it is in MicroSoft Excel)
2. Book journal of all the books I have read starting with the book I am
currently reading. So the list is very small. (It is in MicroSoft Word)

Since my nephew, and coming soon niece spends most of their daytime and early evening at our house, they tend to have their hands on everything - that includes books which I am currently reading. So far he knows that books are not supposed to be torned and they are not allowed to hold any pen or pencil on their own. So the books which will be hopefully passed on to you will be handled by him, which means a bit crumpled esp. the paperback type. Forgive me for this but I will not take away the books from him to ensure that the reading habit is nurtured deep into him (and her).

Previously one (1) bookcrosser searched me out to join a bookring for A Prayer for Owen Meany. Since I have read it and want to put it in my John Irving collection, so I passed it on. Now, the more I think about that I searched through the forums and other bookshelves with books I want to read. I have joined in four international bookrings and one bookray.

To celebrate this, I would like to start my own bookring for The Hobbits by JRR Tolkein. So far I see only two (2) people asking for it. PM them today so need to see how they respond. Anyone interested, kindly PM me so I can see how to arrange the bookring.

My second bookring is offering The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinback. Anyone interested, kindly PM me. From the book wishes, I am sending out PMs to those who are interested.

Since I have not received any positive response (phew! lessened my shipping cost), I have decided to have a Malaysian bookring for The Hobbit. The second bookring, if the bookcrosser who PMed me still want to go ahead, it will be a very small bookring. Got a reply from him so it is the smallest bookring.

As you can see, I have reached and passed my first 100th books registered. To celebrate the achievement, I have created and shall be posting it out tomorrow a mystery/thriller book box to a fellow bookcrosser in Penang, WittySquirrel. I have enjoyed the emails received and see that he is now an active bookcrosser, searching out new items in the website and informing the other Malaysian bookcrossers. Keep up the good work.

The bookring and bookrays I'm currently on are :
1. Mort by Terry Pratchett hosted by Thorngage - done
2. Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux hosted by VinylDoll
3. Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett hosted by Earthdance - done
4. 24 Hours by Greg Iles hosted by Starbytes
5. Dead Sleep by Greg Iles hosted by Starbytes
6. Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold hosted by AngelKitty - done
7. Crewel World by Monica Ferris hosted by Shylock
8. Bridget Jone's : The Age of Reason by Helen Fielding hosted by Starbytes
9. Split Second by Alex Kava hosted by FifthElement - done

April 7, 2004 - As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to "controlled release" my books. Thus, I decided that those that I do not want to keep, I will pass over to my aunty who is not as privileged as me to buy books. If you want the books as part of a trade, I shall agree provided the book is still available.

May 7, 2004 - To add to my "controlled release", is to contribute books to a newly opened mini library at my office.

May 21, 2004 - All my Prey books by John Sandford are reserved for my sisters who had enjoyed reading his books. Unfortunately, she has not registered herself since she is busy with two very children (babies actually).

Jan 28, 2005 - I have created my own Amazon wish list.

Sept. 2005 - I am on a quest to read all the books which are in my bookshelf. Then, the books will be released for others. My first bookbag will be having the mystery/crime genre.

Dec. 2005 - places that I have visited.

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