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where to start?

obviously i love to read otherwise i'd not be a member of bookcrossing, right? i can't remember not being able to read. when i was growing up i read everything that i could get my hands on. luckily, my mom was a teacher and she would bring home books for me from her school library. there were books all over at our house. i loved it!!

the school that i went to was a private school and my family didn't belong to their church so during the time that the other kids had choir several of us got to go to the english teacher's room and ... you guessed it!! READ! after we read a book we had to write up a synopsis of the book and give our opinion about it. this is when i read one of my all time favorite books - Homesick: My Own Story by Jean Fritz.

remember the girl who always had her nose in a book at lunch? yup, that was me. my class used to walk to the library once a month (it was only 2 blocks from school) and a friend of mine, anna, and i always walked back with our noses in books. we were walking, talking and reading all at once. i have no idea why we never fell! maybe it was because we were always going to the library and we had the way memorized. that was so much fun tho. i have a poster similar to the ones that libraries use. it shows a girl with her nose in a book and a little kids wagon so full of books that they are tumbling out of it. that is very much like how i was in elementary school.

moving forward to high school... my first job was at... you guessed it! the local library. i was one of the people that got to reshelf the books after they had been returned. it was when i was in high school that i read another favorite book - A Room with a View by E. M. Forster. i told one of the librarians that i was reading it. she asked me if i liked it and when i told her yes, she was surprised. she said that she didn't think that i would because nothing much happens in that book. i just think that it is one of the most romantic books ever written.

when i went to college i was introduced to 20th century great american plays. one of my favorite in this genre is Eugine O'Neill's A Long Days Journey Into Night. i can really relate to the pain in this play. i also took a theater class where we read much shakespeare - which i also very much enjoyed. the taming of the shrew is one of my favorites, i think it's really quite funny.

oh, and did i mention that i was once accused of talking like a book? i once called an old roomie a 'slip of a girl'. the person that i was talking to nearly choked and said she'd never actually heard anyone say that before. i just laughed. that's typical me for ya.

since graduating i've come to enjoy reading christian fiction also. tho i have not mentioned this elsewhere i love to read sci-fi, mysteries, and generally books that made me think, tho i don't read non-fiction much.

other authors that i like to read:
jasper fforde
christopher lamb
penelope stokes
francine rivers
frank peretti
davis bunn
randy alcorn

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