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From Key West, Florida USA
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I am a social worker who works with children in the foster care system. When I am not busy being a social worker and a wife-- I love reading! One of my favorite authors is Isabel Allende. I currently have two huge bookcases full of books, I have tons of boxes under my bed also full of books... and you can find a few stacked up in the corners of my room. I am very attached to my books and I hate parting with them when I am done reading... but now maybe I'll release some into the wild! :)

Books I've read so far in 2007:
1. Invisible Man (Ellison)
2. Welcome to the Monkey House (Vonnegut)
3. The Moviegoer (Percy)
4. Chimera (Barth)
5. Inferno (Dante)
6. Purgatorio (Dante)
7. The Color Purple (Walker)
8. Dreaming in Cuban (Garcia)
9. Paula (Allende)
10. Memoirs Of a Beatnick (DiPrima)
11. The Rosy Cruxifiction 1- Sexus (Miller) Began June 24th

Readings in 2008:
1. Pillars of the Earth
2. The Influencer
3. Bee Season (Goldberg)
4. Wicked

Readings in 2009:
1. World Without End
2. The Help

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