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Went to Edinburgh for Uncon Jul 1 - 8, yay - see here for pictures!

I also have a FaceBook account with some of the images above available, feel free to friend me (at least if we've met :-))

Missed the Amsterdam Convention 2010 due to the Eyjafjallajökull ashes, it seems the convention fee somehow transmuted into wings ...

Wyando graciously added me to his Bookshelf Statistics Page after I had signed his book - thanks!

Involved in the organization of the German-speaking BookCrossing Meetup Pentecost 2009 in Vienna. Update: we had lots of fun, see links to pics on our site!

Regular visitor of the English Meetup in Vienna, regular at the Ladies' Night (even before it was based at Cafe Einstein) until taken for a man. RIP.

I don't intend to take part in mass releasing competitions - just catch one, release one every now and then.

When verenka first introduced me to BookCrossing, I decided to write a facebook application to display personal BookCrossing stats (much like the "my shelf" display) in the profile. It can be found as app 10060119125 or bcqdapp (quick and dirty indeed) and consists of a perl script running on a dusty box at Vienna University of Technology and a mysql backend. If you decide to display it on your page you can still choose whether your BookCrossing name (and, if you jump through hoops, your real name) should be shown on the public page or not.

At one point when I had too much time on my hands again I hacked a Greasemonkey script for Mozilla-compatible browsers to convert the CueCat scanner output to ISBN-13 on the fly: cuecat script
(side effect: focuses and selects ISBN field in edit and register pages; and of course the field had to be expanded to provide room for the encoded CueCat output. CAVE: needs US keyboard layout unless patched)

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