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Reading, writing, and 'rithmetic...these are a few of my favorite things. Okay, well maybe not arithmetic...LOL! By trade, I'm a web and graphic designer, and ALL the time, I'm a writer, which keeps me on the computer more than my family would like. In fact, that's how I found I was surfing while I was waiting for divine inspiration to strike. And lo and behold, there it was.

I've recently taken to reading more in my spare time, trying to catch up on some of those books I've wanted to read but didn't have the time. I really don't have a specific genre that's my favorite, but the one that probably comes close is a cross-genre, romantic suspence. I've always loved the weirdo-serial-killer-crime novels like, "Silence of the Lambs," but then there are a small handful of romance authors I liked to. So when Lisa Jackson and Julie Garwood hit the stands, it was like book Heaven.

But then came "The DaVinci Code," which was a whole other type of story. I'd never heard of Dan Brown before that, but you can bet I've caught up and can hardly wait for the rumored sequel to The DaVinci Code that supposed to be out soon.


I've just released my first book entitled Dangerous Obsession. Here's the back cover blurb.

How would you react if you learned that a close acquaintance was a dissociative, homicidal sociopath?
What if you didn’t figure it out until after he, thinking that you knew it all, had abducted you?
You have a cell phone but you can’t use it without tipping him off, and you’ve got only a few minutes before he reaches the site where he plans to kill you in order to cover his tracks.
Panic-stricken, would you remember the .38 strapped to your ankle?
Could you escape in time?
Or would you become his next victim?

Forensic psychologist Jess Mitchell has returned to her hometown as a favor to her father, and incidentally the Chief of Police, to assist local authorities in the investigation of a series of seemingly unrelated murders. She is partnered with the lead detective Staff-Sergeant Kevin Slater, a sexy cop who is the very image of the man from her recent dreams.

Their close working relationship develops into a steamy love affair which takes a perilous turn when the killer becomes obsessed with Jess after an overlooked clue leads her into his world...the kinky underworld of bondage, domination, and sadomasochism. Jess and Kevin must then go undercover and assume the lifestyle as they race against the clock to find the link between the crimes and unearth a sadistic psychopath before he strikes again. Will they become victims of a vicious killer, or will they become ensnared by a fascinating new world that transgresses their professional vows to protect and to serve?

To read an excerpt from Dangerous Obsession, for purchasing information, or to just say hi, please visit my website (

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