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Some more news - January 9, 2008:
Well, I never managed to finish those books in my TBR list below, but I managed to finish these books:

1. Timeline by Michael Crichton
2. Weapons of Choice: World War 2.1 by John Birmingham
3. Designated Targets: World War 2.2 by John Birmingham
4. Final Impact: World War 2.3 by John Birmingham
5. SS-GB: Nazi-Occupied Britain by Len Deighton
6. War Trash by Ha Jin

Btw, to the person who mysteriously winged me recently, thank you so much!


Some news - May 29, 2007:
Hi guys, just adding a note here letting folks know I'm still alive here. I'm currently studying Form 6 in my country (equivalent to A-Levels) and I've gotten really few chances to read any books in my collection. Please feel free to PM me or drop a note at the Malaysian BookCrossers group listed below. You can contact me there. :)


Hello! I'm Andy. This profile was last updated on February 09, 2005.

To hell with the TBR list, here what I'm reading now:
1. Human Traffickers by Joe Ike
2. Wild Animus by Rich Shapero
3. Wild Justice by Philip Margolin
4. Wild Swans by Jung Chang
5. Farewell to Russia by Richard Hugo

(I just realised that 3 of my TBR list has the titles start with the word "Wild", that's freaky...)

Recently finished books:
1. Contact by Carl Sagan (Reserved)
2. A Child Called "It" by Dave Pelzer (Released)
3. The Mongoose Man by Nicholas Van Pelt
4. Vietnam: Ground Zero - Soldier's Medal (Released)
5. Sons of Heaven : A Novel by Terrence Cheng
6. Forrest Gump by Winston Groom
7. Steroid Blues by Richard La Plante
8. The Love Hexagon by William Sutcliffe (Released, caught and released again!)
9. Hotel Sarajevo by Jack Kersh
10. Death Cults by Jack Sargent
11. The Terminal Man by Sir Alfred Mehran

Here is a list of my books in one page!

Big thanks to CasualReader!

Fellow Malaysian BookCrossers, lend me your ears! There is a Malaysian BookCrossing group called Malaysian BookCrossers (what else?) and everyone is welcomed! The other founding members are BabyImran and AuntyJo."
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Click to subscribe to Malaysian-Bookcrossers
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No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, say hello to our Singaporean pals across the Causeway! They have their own group!

(3D Animated Flags--By

Bookrings joined:
The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien --- BabyImran (Done)
A Book Without Covers by John Andrew Storey --- AuntyJo
Fish! Tales by Stephen C.Lundin --- Dei
Dead Sleep by Greg Iles --- Starbytes

Bookrays joined:
Hotel Sarajevo by Jack Kersh --- Hawkette (Received, read, but haven't done anything to it yet)
The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava --- Hawkette
Pyramids by Terry Pratchett --- Earthdance
Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett --- Earthdance

Bookrays organised:
Fountain Society by Wes Craven (Still open to Malaysians and Singaporeans!)

Signing off,
Andy Lim Kok Leong

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