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Other Book Sites: Over the summer I have discovered another book site that I like, it’s called and I like the idea of it. Instead of trading or paying postage, people can request books through the system and then you mail them and get a credit (for each book you send you receive one credit, for each book you receive you lose a credit). It’s much easier and the system keeps track of everything, you can even print your own shipping labels that they make! So, if you’re already a member or think you might join look me up I’m WintersQT4ever and you might see a few different books on there.

Hi, I'm Danielle! I welcome all books to come and take a rest before either starting or continuing there journey across the world. I myself am a young book crosser at only 14. (My birthday is on November 30th!) Despite my age, I love reading as much as the rest of you, probably more. I also enjoy the thrill of releasing books into the wild...but I have yet to receive my first catch (from the wild). My other hobbies include writing, photography, collecting Postcards from places I have never been (normally sent along with books from BCers), dancing, playing basketball, running cross country (my record time being 22:31 for freshman year 5K), designing web sites, playing racquetball, and volleyball. My typical reads fall into the 5th-12th grade age range, I like reading below my level because it’s relaxing and I like to read older topics to challenge myself while still reading in the middle for fun. height="40" width="240" title="HUGS">


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The Nanny Diaries-Emma McLaughlin--OPEN--

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I no longer trade or update the books I have listed on this site. I merely participate in rings/rays/boxes. If you would like to trade a book you can find me on paperbackswap with the same screenname and current list of books.

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Last Updated: 12/21/06
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Black List
I'm sorry I had to make this list but there are just some bad bookcrossers out there, if you would like to be taken off the list, please fix what you have done. I do not reccomend trading with the people on this list, I have listed everyone I have personally had bad trading/postage experiences with. If someone is not on here and they have a bad rep on bookcrossing chances are I have not traded with them. If you are on my blacklist I will not trade with you!

theory19- Never sent postage or the other book she was supposed to send. Listed Since: 2/26/05

Suebo- Never sent postage for the two books I sent her. Listed Since: 2/28/05

bachika- Never sent postage money for the book she requested. Listed Since: 3/4/05

marita44- Never sent postage for the 16 books she requested! Listed Since: 3/21/05

MsShiree- Never sent postage for the book she requested. Listed Since: 5/3/05

Craftykat- Hever sent postage money. Listed Since: 7/27/05

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