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May 13, 2018

PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE CHANGED MY SCREEN NAME! I was formerly known as Willow Springs. My new username is above (WillowGirl) I made this change because I wanted to connect more with the Buffy character than the town I live in.

I live in southern central Missouri. Books take me places I have never been and I get to read about people I would never meet. Thank you abkilliki for introducing me to this fantastic site!

I am also an Alyson Hannigan fan. She is my favorite actress. I love her so much that I have made bookplates with her picture on them.

Available for trade or release.
B= Book Ray, Book Ring, Book Relay, or Book Boomerang. See Release Notes
C= Controlled Release/Traded/RABCK (Not Available)
G= Gift Book/ Given to someone I love
K= Keeper. I will only release copies.
L= Library Book/Library Release (Look for the BCID on a sticky note inside book.)
P= Reading In Progress or waiting To Be Read. (Not Available) 69/237 means that I am currently on page 69 of 237 pages.
R= Released; Please See Release Notes (Wild Release)
S= Keeping this book for my school library. (Not Available)
W= I want this book! It's on my wish list!
NOTE: If you list books in A-Z order by title the available books will be on top. Also note that I will remove code letters once a book is journaled by another BookCrosser so it doesn't mess up their code system. Most uncoded books on my shelf are no longer available.

Colored asterisks(***) after the titles are sorted according to genres in Children's and Young Adult Literature not provided by BookCrossing. This may be frequently updated as I love color and there are so many subcategories for books to fall into! No Asterisk means that the book is not intended for readers under 18. Below is the key.
#00F5FF Picture Books
#B452CD Realistic Fiction
#FF34B3 Concept Books
#EE9A00 Traditional Literature and Folklore
#66CD00 Fantasy
#FFFF00 Poetry and Verse
#CDB79E Historical Fiction
#B5B5B5 All Nonfiction
#0000FF Science Fiction
#FF6347 Young Love and Teen Romance
#5F9EA0 Coming of Age and Growing Pains
#98FB98 Horror and Thrillers

PLEASE NOTE: I can no longer access my email because I lost my password. Please accept my apologies. I will be exchanging books through another identity until I can resolve the problem. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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