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From Cary, North Carolina USA
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by Vysion

One little book
left in a bus
going to Memphis
taken and read
very much enjoyed
flying to Detroit
wasn't my style
deposited coyly
in hotel lobby
found by New Yorker
with balding dome
vacationed in Rome
finished outdoors
at picnic by brook
man spotted and took
to family reunion
seen by his niece
returned to Venice
hated the ending
friend saw on table
twas available
cover to cover
loved the heroine
read it again

But we never knew
those amazing wondrous adventures it flew
as that one little book
small sad and lost
was never

Husband (Hi A.), number cruncher, and gamer extraordinaire -- video games, pencil puzzles, jigsaws, wordplay..

My profile picture is from John Kovalic's Dork Tower (copyrighted, edited and used with permission). The dialogue:
Panel 1 - "I am looking for one book. I will only look for one book. I will not look at, pick up, or even contemplate anything but that one book."
Panel 2 - "I should never go into bookstores."
Visit his website and support Dork Tower cartoons.

If I have found a Bookcrossing book, it *will* eventually be released. I'm a slow reader; thanks for your patience. I do not trade often so mainly I'm reading, releasing, and recommending. I listed personal copies of books so you can see what has influenced me. Any book I've registered will be released unless I note it as for personal collection.

I tried to release books at Official Bookcrossing Zones rather than the wild. My only OBCZ in Mr. Toad's Coffeehouse in Cary NC closed. What to do... I will never be able to read all these books. I am in the process of getting rid of most of my books. I don't know yet if they'll end up on the "free stuff" table at work, in a care package, with a friend, given as a donation. I have so many titles that I won't be tracking how or when. Most probably won't even have journal entries that I let them go.

I am climbing Mt. TBR. My periodic journals:
Day 18 -- Day 24 -- Day 34 -- Day 41 -- Day 50 -- Day 62 -- Day 89 -- Day 153 -- Day 206 -- A map of Mt. TBR -- Summit reached? -- Day 308 -- Day 362 -- Day 406 -- Day 533 and a picture of MT. TBR -- Day 653 -- Day 934

My Bookcrossing philosophy and retrospective after one year

Bookring -- Stephen King's Dark Tower series
Book One: The Gunslinger
Book Two: The Drawing of the Three
Book Three: The Waste Lands
Book Four: Wizard and Glass (to be read and sent)

Bookray -- Fast Food Nation

Vysion's U.S.A. Grand Tour -- Visit their journal entries as they travel the states:
Fahrenheit 451 - Copy A
Fahrenheit 451 - Copy B
Fahrenheit 451 - Copy C
Fahrenheit 451 - Copy D
Fahrenheit 451 - Copy E

If my profile isn't enough, more of my writing can be found in Bookcrossing articles, specifically:
How to label a book for release
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Currently Reading: Books in video games such as Red Moon Rose in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, video game magazines, and my new Kindle Fire (specifically Drew Hayes's NPC series and many comics)
Finished: Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Simon R. Green's Deathstalker series, Raymond Feist's Midkemia series

Thanks to Bookcrossing and thank you for reading. Oh, and the name is vision with one i.

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