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Hi, I'm Vikki
I live in London & work in west end theatre (I say work - I mostly sit in dark corners reading by torchlight to be honest). I am also a part-time student, studying physics & applied maths with the OU.

I'll read anything I can get my hands on, but I particularly like fantasy & comedy. I also read a lot of non-fiction, again anything that catches my eye - Science, maths, biography, history, sociology... whatever. My wishlist reflects this eclectic taste, but is always kept up to date :)
Please don't make assumptions based on my bookshelf here - most of it is obtained specifically to cross so doesn't indicate my personal preferences

My interests, outside of reading, geeking & theatre, are pretty general - sunny days, sitting in parks, chilling out with my friends. I'm quite into arts-n-craftsy stuff too, embroidery, knitting, hands sewing, bookbinding - whatever strikes my fancy that day really!

Oh, and I need caffeine like most people need oxygen.


I don't often trade anymore (postal rates being what they are!), but am willing to consider it, so please feel free to PM me with any requests to swap (be that books, postcards, craft tips... whatever)

My birthday buddy is Prachitulshan in Delhi, a fellow theatre lover whose birthday is April 12th.

If you see me at a meet or con please come over to say hello. I am - deceptively - painfully shy; I have so many times spotted someone I know from the forums but not been brave enough to go up and introduce myself - which I curse later of course. I may come across as loud and brash and full of confidence, but I'm not (just full of rum mostly), so please please be braver than I am and introduce yourself

I also oversee The Death of Books' shelf, to help deceased books on their way to a final resting place in that great sky-library.

I have also been known to play and run big ongoing release challenges, such as bc versions of monopoly, the Olympics, and snap... This isn't really something I have time to do right now but if you want to take any is these ideas and run them yourself, feel free (and adapt as you want!)

Add often as I can, I love to participant in the holiday gift giving (and Summer gift giving too) and Not So Secret gift giving that goes on amongst various groups of bookcrossers. Thank you so much those of you who have sent me wonderful gifts in the past - and I hope that those of you who have received parcels from me enjoyed them.
A few ideas for things I may like are below (I feel a bit greedy writing, but have found similar lists on others profiles really useful)
* wooden thread spools; you know when you buy sewing thread, it comes on a plastic spool? In the old days (and still these days, occasionally) those used to be wooden. I want them :) I'm only interested in the middle bit, that you'd normally throw away once the thread was finished - so if there's thread on it I'll use it, but if you want to use it yourself, go for it and send me the remains once you're done! Wooden spools from ribbon, yarn, twine or whatever else are also good - any size, shape, and condition is great.
* fabric patches - the sort you might sew on to a blanket (since that's what I'll do with 'em). Swimming badges, scout badges, patches with band logos - anything like that which you're done with :) - again used condition is fine
* BC supplies - I always particularly need Book plate labels and tiny spine stickers - 'official' or home made are fine.
* anything handmade, coz there's nothing better in the world than a handmade present
...or my Pinterest for more inspiration
* wishlist books... My wishlist is always up to date.

If anyone needs an address to send things to me - well, first off, thank you! - you can get the address from
Also, I try to keep a vague eye on my weight and don't eat too many sweets or treats, so maybe skip the chocolate and sugar-stuff :)
Thank you

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