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I change addresses relatively often so, if you have to send me a ring / ray please PM me for my contact details first!

Futher info on rings and rays I have joined at the bottom of my profile

Hi everyone!

If you are new to bookcrossing and you came to this page because you picked up one of the books that I released in the wild: WELCOME!! I hope you join this wonderful community.

I've been an avid reader since I learned how to read, I usually read anything that comes into my hands (yes, even cereal boxes and shampoo bottles!). I’ve been a member of bookcrossing for more than 6 years now and, although at first I was a bit hesitant about it, I have become quite fond of the idea of reading books and releasing them in the wild for others to read. I have been relatively lucky with my wild releases up to now as two of them have been caught and journaled (I consider that lucky given that I released them in London and people are always so busy in that city!).

In case you are wondering, I picked up my nickname when I was still living in London and most of my reading was done on the Tube (I always carried a book around with me!). Although I moved to Luxembourg in 2008, to Belgium at the beginning of 2011 and to Spain in 2013 and my reading habits have changed, my nickname stays the same!

I have discovered bookboxes, rings and rays at the beginning of 2008 and have joined several of them. I find them particularly useful to read books on the “1001 books you must read before you die” list. My total count (on the combined lists) has gone up from only 26 in April 2008 to 146 as of March 2014 (120 books in almost 6 years and the number keeps rising!).

Currently reading: The help (loaned by a non-bookcrossing friend)

Books read in 2011 (* denotes a book from the 1001 books you must read before you die list)
18) A thousand splendid suns - 372 pages
17) All quiet on the Western front* (ray by Simson-Shilitoe) - 297 pages
16) Invisible* (ring by bookmaniac70) - 308 pages
15) Vineland* (ray by davemurray101) - 385 pages
14) The 13 clocks* (ray by davemurray101) - 124 pages
13) The sorrows of young Werther* (ray by Simson-Shilitoe) - 88 pages
12) The spy who came in from the cold* (ray by shovelmonkey1) - 258 pages
11) Through the looking glass* (1001 library book) - 173 pages
10) I know why the caged bird sings* - 290 pages - reduce mount TBR and pages read challenges
9) Digging to America - 330 pages - reduce mount TBR and pages read challenges
8) Alice's adventures in wonderland* (1001 library book)- 152 pages - pages read challenge
7) Life of Pi* - 326 pages - reduce mount TBR and pages read challenges
6) Le faiseur d'anges - 459 pages (Brussels bookclub) - pages read challenge
5) The invention of curried sausage* - 217 pages (ring by davemurray101) - reduce mount TBR and pages read challenges
4) The Wasp Factory* - 184 pages (ring by DitteL) - reduce mount TBR and pages read challenges
3) The Master and Margarita* - 444 pages (ring by davemurray101) - reduce mount TBR, Olympic (Ukraine) and pages read challenges
2) The grapes of wrath* - 476 pages (ray by perryfran) - reduce mount TBR and pages read challenges
1) Broken April* - 216 pages (ring from davemurray101) - reduce mount TBR, Olympic (Albania) and pages read challenges

Books read in 2010 (* denotes a book from the 1001 books you must read before you die list)
31) A tale of a tub* (ring by Jozebedee)
30) Deogratias, a tale of Rwanda
29) We* (ray by davemurray101)
28) Lord of the flies*
27) The colour of forgetting
26) The nursing home murder
25) The book of chameleons
24) The Sunday philosophy club
23) Veronika decides to die*
22) Coffee at Luke's
21) In Siberia
20) Don't move*(ray by shovelmonkey1)
19) Sputnik sweetheart*
18) The pillow book
17) Beijing doll
16) The age of innocence*
15) He's just not that into you
14) Cider with Rosie* (ray by cat207)
13) Drop city* (ray by cat207)
12) The third policeman*
11) The royal ghosts (ray by ealasaidmae)
10) A sentimental journey* (ray by cat207)
9) Nowhere man* (ray by ApoloniaX)
8) Absolute beginners* (ring by davemurray101)
7) The master* (ring by NICNIC2)
6) The red queen* (ring by perryfran)
5) Burmese days* (ring by davemurray101)
4) Grimus* (ring by davemurray101)
3) Chinese Cinderella
2) The unconsoled* (ray by cat207)
1) Limpieza de sangre

Books read in 2009
36) El capitán Alastriste - 2012 Olympic (Spain) challenge
35) Et après...
34) The view from Africa - 2012 Olympic (Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya) challenge
33) Mirage - 2012 Olympic (Sri Lanka) challenge
32) Antic Hay* (ring by davemurray101)
31) New grub street* (ray by cally-c)
30) Atomised* (ray by cat207) - 2012 Olympic (France) challenge
29) Kingdom of this world* - 2012 Olympic (Cuba) challenge
28) So long a letter - 2012 Olympic (Senegal) challenge
27) The talk of the town* (ring by davemurray101)
26) Lady Chatterley's lover* (ray by krl112)
25) After the quake* (ring by panzeranzi)
24) The God of small things* (ray by pinkydindy) - 2012 Olympic (India) challenge
23) London orbital* (ray by davemurray101)
22) Falling leaves return to their roots
21) The sorrow of war - 2012 Olympic (Viet Nam) challenge
20) Even Thai girls cry
19) Miss Smilla's feeling for snow* (ray by Haugtussa) - 2012 Olympic (Denmark)
18) Portrait of the artist* (ray by ChiBoiler)
17) Balzac and the little Chinese Seamstress - 2012 Olympic (China) challenge
16) Autobiography of a geisha - 2012 Olympic (Japan) challenge
15) Oscar and Lucinda* (ring by L1nda) - 2012 Olympic (Australia) challenge
14) Book of evidence* (ring by L1nda) - 2012 Olympic (Ireland) challenge
13) Elizabeth Costello* (ray by cat207) - 2012 Olympic (South Africa) challenge
12) Fear and loathing in Las Vegas* (ray by perryfran)
11) The passion* (ray by katrinat)
10) The blind assassin* (ring by Ibis3)
9) Breakfast at Tiffany´s*
8) Sunrise on Kusatsu harbour (ray by crrcookie)
7) The collector* (ring by Heaven-Ali)
6) Under the skin* (ring by cat207) - 2012 Olympic (Netherlands) challenge
5) Rebecca* (ring by JennyC1230)
4) Choke* (ray by angela861)
3) In cold blood* (ray by BettyBoekwurm)
2) Fugitive pieces* (ray by cat207) - 2012 Olympic (Canada) challenge
1) To kill a mockingbird* (ring by mirp)

Books read in 2008
41) The leopard* (ray by perryfran)- 2012 Olympic Challenge (Italy)
40) Howards End* (ray by perryfran)
39) The child in time* (ray by cat207) - 2012 Olympic Challenge (Great Britain)
38) Siddhartha* - 2012 Olympic Challenge (Germany)
37) Junkie* (ray by davemurray101) - 2012 Olympic Challenge (US)
36) Never let me go* (ray by MarysGirl)
35) The body artist* (ring by perryfran)
34) Summer will show* (ray by cat207)
33) World's end* (ring by spy-there)
32) The color purple* (ray by katrinat)
31) Glamorama* (ray by cat207)
30) Botswana time (added to soffitta1's African bookbox)
29) Everything is illuminated* (ray by cat207)
28) Heart of darkness* (added to soffitta1's African bookbox)
27) Catch-22* (ray by lunacia)
26) The lover* (added to lellie's "It takes two" bookbox)
25) Ali and Nino (added to soffitta1's Asian bookbox, 4th round)
24) The secret history* (ray by SqueakyChu)
23) A confederacy of dunces* (ray by cat207)
22) The bluest eye* (ring by spaceystacey)
21) The Power and the glory* (ray by FarheenAltaf)
20) Cranford* (ring by starflash)
19) The story of Lucy Gault* (ray by cat207)
18) Monkey business
17) Wuthering heights* (ring by Fiellu)
16) Silk* (added to soffitta1's Asian bookbox and it has been passed to the 1001 library, thank you!)
15) Less than zero* (ray by JenKazoo)
14) The years* (ray by cat207)
13) The player of games* (ray by davemurray101)
12) White Noise* (ray by tqd)
11) The woman in white* (ray by raeliz64)
10) American Pastoral* (ring by starflash)
9) The case for Easter (ring by kirkles)
8) A fine balance* (ray by cat207)
7) The hours* (ray by ekranda)
6) The reader* (ray by cat207)
5) Cat’s eye* (ray by cat207)
4) Of mice and men* (ray by katrinat)
3) The kite runner
2) The battle for big school
1) Trading reality

Please note that I moved from the UK to Luxembourg in September'08, within Luxembourg in September'09 and to Belgium in March 2011. I am now spending some time in Spain for health reasons.

The reading order for the books currently in my possession is as follows (this takes into account date received and how many people are waiting to read the book after me)

Democracy (ray by tabby-cat-owner) - received 19 April 2013 (last in the ray)
Arrow of God (ray by VictoriaWagtail) - received 13 May 2013 (last in the ray)
Buddenbrooks (ray by tabby-cat-owner) - received 24 June 2013 (last in the ray)
I'm not Stiller (ray by tabby-cat-owner) - received November 2013 (last in the ray)
The colour (ray by soffitta2) - received December 2013 (last in the ray)
Orlando (ray by soffitta2) - received December 2013 (last in the ray)
Seize the day (ray by soffitta2) - received December 2013 (last in the ray)

I always try to keep everyone updated on the status of the rings in my possession through JE and PMs but if you are the organiser of one of the rings and think I am taking too long to read the book or want to enquire about how things are going, please feel free to PM me anytime! My intention is to finish all the rings / rays that I receive and that have further readers after me within one month to six weeks of having received them.

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