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What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books. Thomas Carlyle-Scottish author, essayist, & historian (1795 - 1881)
I love to read books of all genres and am grateful to Bookcrossing for helping me to discover so many good books.
In my spare time, when not reading, I can be found bicycling, running, hiking, attending a concert, volunteering, or vigorously sweeping a rock for the Columbus Curling Club.

My Screen Name:
The "Thursday" part of my screen name is named after the character "Thursday Next" in a series of books by Jasper Fforde. In this witty series Thursday Next is a Special Operations agent who defends literature and can go inside books and interact with the characters. The "5" part of my screen name is because "ThursdayN" and "ThursdayNext" were already taken so I settled on using my favorite number, which is 5. The ironic thing is that the latest book in the series has a character named Thursday 5!
I highly recommend this series of books for any Bookcrosser. The Washington Post said of the first book, The Eyre Affair, "It is satire, fantasy, literary criticism, thriller... post modern prank...and irrepressible good company."

Most Interesting Catch of a Book I've Released:
I released a Shakespeare biography at a "Shakespeare in the Park" performance while attending a Bookcrossing Meet-Up in Boston. The book was caught in Boston Common by someone from Ankara Turkey who plans a release in Italy. Read the journal entry at:

Best journal entry for a book that I registered:
On Monday, October 09, 2006
I was walking out of Urban Outfitters, at the Waterfront, and I noticed a book lying on a nearby ledge. Since my friend and [I] were right next to Borders, I thought that someone had forgotten their book.
But as I got closer, I saw the post-it that said the book was on a journey. I was so touched that
organizations like this really exist. You see serenpidous things like this in the movies,
but I never truly believed that people were kind enough to leave free books for others.
I cannot wait to read this book and then leave [it] someplace where another lucky person can find it
and enjoy it. Thank you to whomever left this book for me to find.


What is a Good Book?
The writing found in a good book creates art from the palette of words. A good book makes you feel you are living inside of it. A good book connects you to ideas, eras, places, or people you never would have been exposed to otherwise. A good book can be appreciated by readers of different ages. A good book stays with you long after you have finished it and becomes part of who you are-encouraging your inner growth and making you a better person. A good book is one that makes you postpone again and again the moment when you turn off the light to sleep. A good book causes you to yearn for another by the same author.

This description of a good book is a work in progress. Thanks to all who have offered their ideas-especially Ibis3, katiesmama, bratt1022, 911Dave, bacicoline, BoosterJ28, Susan Jeffers, and my students whose ideas I incorporated into this version. Suggestions are always welcome.

Favorite "Good Books" Read Since Joining Bookcrossing:

Note: To read my review of a book listed above you will need to look at the book's journal, which can be found by clicking on "all books" under my profile or use the book search feature on the website.

...So many little many little many little many little many little time
Books I am Currently Reading:
The Translator by John Crowley

Books Read in 2008:

Books Read in 2007:

Books Read in 2006:

...No two persons ever read the same book. Edmund Wilson ...No two persons ever read the same book. Edmund Wilson
Bookrings and Bookrays I am Hosting
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and Click on BookCrosser Name for Bookshelf Link

Bookring: The Yankee Girl-A Korean Girl's Journey to Find Herself
Order : (This is going to 10 countries!)

nynjagrrrl-US <-----Book is here!
Tashe-US (OH)
Supertalya-US APO address (Korea)
LadyKnightNiko-US (OH)
fairydustwings-US (OH)
Back to Thursday5-US (OH)

Bookrings, Bookrays, and Book Boxes I have finished and sent on:

Bookrings I Hosted That Were Completed and Returned to Me:
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1. Bookring: Bee Season by Myla Goldberg
2. Bookray: Two Sherlock Holmes "Sequels" featuring Mary Russell
The Beekeepers Apprentice and O Jerusalem
3. Bookring: The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri

Waiting for these Bookrings, Bookrays and Book boxes:
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Hannah's Daughters (Hosted by Stormon)
Women Who Love Books Too Much (Hosted by doveilibri)
Where I Come From Journal" by Bookcrossers (Hosted by guinaveve)
Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury (Hosted by Llednyl)

Bookcrossing Challenges have helped me read books I never would have read otherwise and have introduced me to new authors, ideas and cultures. Join me in the challenge!

Reading Challenge: 5 Books, 5 Countries, 5 Continents
Click Here for Challenge Details Click Here for Challenge Journal
List of Books Read for Challenge: (Scroll Down)

Books I've Read for the Candian Literature Project Hosted by Ibis3: (Scroll Down)
Click Here for a Link to Ibis3's Bookshelf

5 to the 5th Reading Challenge (Now Closed)
5 books, 5 Genres, 5 Authors, 5 Weeks, 5th Month
Hosted by Thursday5

246 Books Read
45 Participants
38 Readers Completed the Challenge
7 US States Represented
5 Countries Represented
3 Languages Represented
Congratulations to all the readers who completed the challenge!

Themed Release Challenge

Beyond Books-
Highlights of my Experiences with the Bookcrossing Community:

•Local Meet-ups and Meet-ups with Bookcrossers while traveling.
•Kind and encouraging words offered on the Forum.
•RABCKs*-One of the most notable being Molyneux sending a signed copy of the latest Jasper Fforde Thursday Next book that I wanted to give to my daughter who is also a huge fan of his series.
•Jessibud and others sending books to cheer up a family member who was going through a rough time.
•Bookrings...and the postcards and other goodies that have arrived with many of the bookring packages.

*RABCK: Random Act of Bookcrossing Kindness-Usually a book that is sent to another member, but it can also be a thoughtful item such as a handmade bookmark, book labels, wings, or a hug package to cheer someone up.

Wild Release Locations:
US States: CA, OH, MA, MI, NC
International: Canada (Nova Scotia)

Controlled Release Locations:
Australia, Canada, Finland, Greece, Iraq, Portugal, (Scotland), Singapore, UK, USA
Canada: British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario,
Australia: New South Wales,

Link to my classroom bookshelf:
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