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I consider myself to be a complete book fanatic. Of course reading is a passion of mine but for me it goes beyond that; I am addicted to books. I am always acquiring more books. Books are calming to me, often when I am feeling stressed I will just sit and gaze at my shelves and it brings me peace. It may seem corny but it has always been that way. I spent hours playing with books before I was even old enough to read.

I have a pretty healthy bookshelf and for the most part they all are waiting to be read, the ones I finish I shuffle off somewhere else. One of the greatest things about this site for me is that now I don't need to feel guilty for acquiring more books because I know that when I finish them I can release them and they will find new homes.

My reading tastes are varied, pretty much anything and everything with the exception of fantasy but I have been known to dabble in that as well. My faves are memoirs and anything set in the South or by a southern writer. I usually read several books at the same time; a daytime book a bedtime book and a spare.

JANUARY 20, 2007! A great day in my BC history. As of today every single book in my possession is now registered on this site; aside from the cook books and I really don't know where I keep those. I can't believe it has finally happened. Please feel free to check it out! I am always interested in trading. Reading the JE's on my shelf may be helpful as I have a lot of hard backs that are book club editions but I try to note those, in case they don't suit your fancy. I am also pretty wishy washy on the TBR and AVAILABLE status so even if is says it's TBR it never hurts to ask it may have just been a mood of the moment thing. Next BC goal is to get the 20 or 30 books which I have read and are sitting in a basket in my room released.

Last year was the first year I was really active in BC and it was a wonderful expereince. I did a few rings and a few book boxes plus a little trading and it was very fulfilling. Thanks to all the BCer's who gave this newbie who really wasn't so new a chance to enjoy all the joys that this site has to offer.

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