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From Walthamstow, Greater London United Kingdom
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Joined Sunday, December 4, 2011
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I've got much more into Bookcrossing since a Little Free Library was installed near where I live. I'm reading more books as a result. I've also started acquiring books without a home to Bookcross.

Join UK Bookcrossers at the Newcastle Unconvention from 29th-31st July 2022

If you want my address to send a RABCK: please contact Clairby11xxx who holds my address at all times.
This is courtesy of the RABCK Address Contacts forum thread.

I read more non-fiction than I used to. During the pandemic I’ve had no commuting time to read and I have found it much harder to read anything depressing. I’ve read more chick lit (helps me get to sleep) and humorous travelogues and books about rewilding and connecting to nature. I like Regency romance. I don’t like horror. I read series in order after collecting the whole series. If you give me a non-wishlist book which is not the first in a series, I will probably release it without reading it. Mount TBR is already too high! If you send me a book I really don’t want to read I will do my best to find it an appreciative home or wild release it.

For Not so secret parcels, exchanges and Oppem's Birthday Group - I like:

wishlist books, any book from the Tower Hamlets School Library Services Must Read 2022 list for my teacher friend (I’ll read and journal them before passing on).

I’ve recently found out that I have a poor blood sugar response and so I’m eating less sweet stuff. I’m trying to eat dark chocolate rather than milk and I prefer it with mint or fruit and or whole nuts. That way it has a smaller effect on my blood sugar. I’m trying not to eat sweets at all.

Marmite cashews or peanuts and other plain, salted and roasted nuts. I love macadamia nuts in any form, they are probably my favourite nut. I don’t like walnuts but my mum does so they’d never be wasted.

BC supplies (especially envelope reuse labels and release bags) and wings extensions,

Chatty letters, and nice stamps to save for other Bookcrossers.

Plant a tree (virtually via a charity or in your garden) or some insect friendly plants and tell me about it. I have a virtual grove of trees you can donate to here

Donate to, or volunteer for, a literacy charity and tell me about it. Or donate to, or volunteer for, your favourite charity and tell me about it.

Donkey-themed gifts and I like the Moomins especially Snorkmaiden and Little My.

Pen refills (Parker compatible ballpoint/Rollerball blue or black ink),

Postcards and writing paper.

Eco-friendly, ethical, plastic-free and fair-trade things too.

I don’t like:
fruit teas, green tea or flavoured black tea
Knick knacks or ornaments
Glitter, confetti, sequins, unless they are biodegradable

If you give me something which I’m not going to use, I will try my best to find it an appreciative home!

Books to read soon
Doing Harm (for Emma)
echode’s 2022 Favourite Roundabout book
Glory for April's Book Club read
The Almond Tree for lauraloo29
Relatively Guilty - Convention bookray

The Long Walk Home

Books to Send

Books sent
Frog books to Mecu
Treacle Walker to jeniwren
HGG to Queen72

Books read in 2023
36. Paradise for Two - Betty Neels
35. Appleby Farm - Cathy Bramley
34. All That is Buried - Robert Scragg
33. A Perfect Cornish Escape - Phillipa Ashley
32. A Perfect Cornish Christmas - Phillipa Ashley
31. A Perfect Cornish Summer - Phillipa Ashley
30. Little Village of Second Chances - Gina Hollands
29. Nothing Else Remains - Robert Scragg
28. Hetty's Farmhouse Bakery - Cathy Bramley
27. Treacle Walker - Alan Garner
26. Playing the Moldovans at Tennis - Tony Hawks
25. The :Little Flower Shop by the Sea - Ali McNamara
24. The Pharmacist - Rachelle Atalla
23. Twelve Deaths of Christmas - Jackson Sharp
22. Twisted Twenty-Six - Janet Evanovich
21. The Cornish Cream Tea Holiday - Cressida McLaughlin
20. Christmas Carols and a Cornish Cream Tea - Cressida McLaughlin
19. The One - Maria Realf
18. Hope and Happiness in Bluebell Wood - Ali McNamara
17. The Twins of Auschwitz - Eva Mozes Kor
16. A Year at Meadowbrook Manor - Faith Bleasdale
15. The Path to the Sea - Liz Fenwick
14. Hamnet - Maggie O'Farrell
13. Forever at Conwenna Cove - Darcie Boleyn
12. The Garden of Little Rose - Suzanne Snow
11. The Little Teashop of Lost and Found - Trisha Ashley
10. Toby the Cross-Eyed Stray - Celia Haddon
9. Spinning Silver - Naomi Novik
8. Phosphate Rocks - Fiona Erskine
7. The Staycation - Cressida McLaughlin
6. The Christmas Bookshop - Jenny Colgan
5. Brown Sauce - Pauline Lagan
4. A Wedding at the Comfort Food Café - Debbie Johnson
3. A Gift from the Comfort Food Café - Debbie Johnson
2. Dirty Beasts - Roald Dahl
1. A Thousand Ships - Natalie Haynes

Books read in 2022 -238

Books read in 2021 - 218

Books read in 2020 - 201

Books read in 2019 - 178

Books read in 2018 - 195

Books read in 2017 - 142

Books read in 2016 - 161

Books read in 2015 - 153

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