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*NEW*10-23-14 So I won't be able to do a book release because I have to work. I was hoping to be able to, I might try and do some wild releases when going to visit my sister.

4-16-13 Wasn't able to do anything last year. I have to go through my books, to see if there was any serious damage done to some of them from a sub pump issue. I hope with my husband's help to be able to do it this year. I say with my husband's help because I will have a month old to contend with also. I'll keep you posted.

10-28-11 I probably still had enough books from last year but I picked up a few more. I won't be able to do the full trick or treating this year, so we'll see how many disappear.

11-2-10 I had about 90 trick or treaters and about 70 books were released. It was great fun. I had the porch set up so that once again the books were the main focus and that I had to tell them were the treats were. I was impressed once again how many were excited to get the books. Maybe next year I'll find a way to attach the candy to the book, so they have to take a book to get the candy. Something to think about.

1-10-10 Happy New Year! Well I'm a little behind in getting this info up. I wa unable to do the Halloween Release this year, but a friend of mine travelin_vibe released books whil she was on vacation.

8-30-09 With only a couple of months left to go, I've decided to add a few new books to the list and I am slowly picking up some candy as it's starting to appear. I am still in need of some books geared towards the younger readers. So that's my hunting mission right now.

1-3-09 Happy New Year! It's a little early to start the hunt, but with as many as I had left over, that's okay. I don't think I'll need that many for this year. But I might change my mind before them.

10-31-08 Well the night is over and I think that the books went over better at my parents house. I had a total of 151 books and released only 31. But I have high hopes for next year, and merely have to revamp what I did this year for next year. SO 120 left over books. I don't think I'll have to worry about replenishing too much for next year.

10-27-08 As Halloween draws closer I'm gather books and making sure they all have labels. At the moment, if I counted right, I have 119 books. I jut purchased 36 books geared towards younger kids. The last batch of 40 something was pre-teen to teen. I sold some in a book sale to support Alheimer's Association Memory Walk, that's why my numbers are down. I have decided to hand out candy and books at my house this year and see if I have a better tur out. I'll post when I have a number.

6-2-08 So the hunt begins again for kids books to be released at Halloween. I just got about 40 today at a thrift store in thea area. I just have the honor of registering them, I just need to decide if I want to release at my parents house again or try it at my house this year.

For this year, I hope to release even more. If you'd like to donate books, they are welcomed. If you'd like something in return, both Irissunshine and not-a-clue, have offered me their books for trades.

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