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From Sullivan, Missouri USA
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I enjoy a variety of differant types of books. I read a lot of nonfiction. Guess the only I can say that I don't enjoy much are romances.

I really enjoy books about pets, cats, dogs, horses, or just animals in general. Also like a good horror - paranormal book from time to time.

My family includes one cat, Faith who is a siamese. Also 3 Shar Pei, Venus, and Cole & Kosmo. OH and of course my husband :-)

I do the majority of my trading through and my updated wishlist and available book list you can see there. I go by JustJen there as well, just click on my name. JustJen to go there.

Bookrings I have started

Death's Acre : Inside the Legendary Forensic Lab The Body Farm Where the Dead Do Tell Tales OPEN

Rings I have started that have completed their journey

One at a Time: A Week in an American Animal Shelter
Cat Miracles: Inspiring True Tales of Remarkable Felines STALLED
Replacement for the above book Cat Miracles: Inspiring True Tales of Remarkable Felines can be found at Cat Miracles
How To Make Love To A Cat
Cat's revenge: More than 101 uses for dead people
Hans Holzer's Travel Guide to Haunted Houses
Winterdance The Fine Madness of Running the Iditarod

Rings or Rays I am a member of

Cat Haiku
Cationary: A Cat Dictionary with Cat Tales bookray
James Herriot's Cat Stories bookray
Cat Spells: Cat Magic Through the Ages bookray
Cat Love Letters: Collected Correspondence of Cats in Love

Rings or Rays I am member of and finished
Beware the Night
Psychic Bookray
Let's Roll
Why Can't A Man Be More Like A Cat bookray
Tails Of The Unexpected bookray
Redneck Heaven: Portrait of a Vanishing Culture
The Sex Lives of Cannibals
The Times Book of Church Cats
One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Train Its Human
How to Live with a Neurotic Cat These last 3 books are traveling together.
A Child called It Bookray
1000 Places To see Before You Die
Cat Dependent No More
Lost Boy: A Foster Child's Search for the Love of a Family Bookray

How to make a JustJen

3 parts intelligence

1 part crazyiness

1 part ego
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Serve with a slice of sadness and a pinch of salt. Yum!


Personality cocktail

"Cats are like music. It's foolish to try and explain their worth, to those who don't appreciate them."
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