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I've made a bookcrossing resolution for 2008! I'm also taking on the Chunkster Challenge. The books I am definately committing to read for that include (at the very least):
The Book Thief at 552 pages
American Gods at 588
The Other Boleyn Girl at 661
& The Crimson Petal and the White at 895!

Wow, I've been a bookcrossing member now for just over three years! I love it sooo very much, and often say that it's the best thing from the internet to happen to my life. My referring member, bigfreakynerd, is actually a radio broadcaster with CBC Radio Canada, and I will be forever grateful to him! (I find it hard to believe that only 27 people across Canada decided to join BookCrossing after listening to his story. My suspicion is that most of them signed up and didn't include a referer name.)

In the space of that four years, however, I've moved NINE times. (I used to really deserve my Gypsy nickname -- I'm a little more settled now. Funny what kids will do to a person's life.) Consequently, I was forced to switch the status of several books on my various shelves from TBR or AVAIL to PC due to the fact that they are trapped at my parents' house in Ladysmith and I am north of 60. (It's not that they aren't willing to release it, it's that they wouldn't be able to find it. My Mount TBR occupies about half of my bedroom back there. Oh, hush. Like yours doesn't!)

I will reset them to available (or tbr) or release them, hopefully, when I get a chance to visit home next. If we drive, then I will be able to return with several boxes of books. **laughs evilly** My fiancé doesn't know what he's in for!

A special thanks goes out to Oldbroad & countedx58, two very kind BookCrossers who took the time to explain some BookCrossing etiquette to me when I first joined up. If only everyone could have such patient tutors!

I am positively open for trades, relays, mail releases, and other forms of RABCKs! Please, if there is something on my Available or To Be Read shelves that you are interested in, by all means PM me! (Even if you don't have a book that is on my wishlist, although that would be nice, too!)

Thanks to Cliff1976 for the wishlist service!
It's right here in the box below. I've been told by some that my "wishlist" was hard to find, so here it is!!!

I'm also participating in Chich's Birthday RABCK Experiment. (It's an ongoing project, PM her for more info!)
I've got my new buddy, and we'll be celebrating our birthdays together in 2009, so the parcel is still a long way away **lol** Still, I feel it's a good idea to start building these early, don't you? Her name is six4paula!

The former Book Relay has morphed into BookObsessed! Seriously, people, check it out! If you're a little nervous of "wild releases" like me (my very first wild release ended up in the garbage!) participating in relays, trades, book swaps, and bookrays/rings is a great way to keep your books travelling without worry of them becoming compost!
Speaking of bookrings!

My Bookrings:

(ps... most of the book titles in the scrollboxes are clickable! Oh, and the lists are in chronological order, bottom to top.)

OK, I did a big post office run and got my big stack of "already read" rings out (phew!) I still have lots of rings left, though. Between family, school, and work, I do still find time, and am working (slowly but surely) through them. If I have one of your ring books, I assure you I'll get to it. If you're especially concerned that it move along, just PM me and I'll see what I can do about bumping it up in my mental order.

Bookrings/rays Currently In My Possession:

In the above list, some books are marked (LOL) meaning "Last On List" -- although they are still a priority to read, those books that have more list to go through after me will take priority over them.

Currently Reading:
The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

Books I Have Read in vaguely chronological order, bottom to top (2008):

I am also working on the 1001 Books You MUST Read Before You Die, and therefore am actively soliciting trades of books on that list, except for the following.

"1001" Books I Have ALREADY Read:

Oh, and for those of you who are as confused as I am about the terminology, here's what *I* intend the statuses to mean when I select them:
To be Read: Either I haven't quite finished or quite gotten to it yet. If it's TBR, feel free to request so I can slate it for release when I'm done.
Available: finished reading, it's ready to be released or sent or whatever, anytime, go ahead and ask!
Permanent Collection: These are my well beloved and cherished books. I've registered them here because I love 'em so much I want to share, so you're welcome to request them, but they must be treated with respect while away from home, and please please please send them back to me when you're done! ((several books marked PC are currently books what would trouble with no difficulty except that they are trapped in boxes in Ladysmith, not boxes in Whitehorse. Please feel free to enquire regarding them so I know exactly which books to dig out when I go back, but also please be understanding of the fact that I may not get to them for quite some time.))
Reserved: This book is already spoken for, but if you're interested, let me know, and I'll pass your name on to the next person getting it so they know when they're done that you may like to get it next. Or, it's part of an existing bookring, but the same stands, I can let the ringleader know you're interested and perhaps y'all can get added to the list.
Traveling: It's on it's way and no longer in my hands!

Most of these are 1001 books:

Books I Have Read in vaguely chronological order (2007):

I've found websites and information about some of my favourite authors. Click the links inside the scrollbox to go there! menu="false" quality="high" width="435" height="270" name="mp3player" wmode="transparent" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" border="0"/> border=0> target=_blank> border=0> border=0>

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