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- A Drosophilist is an unofficial, yet widespread, concept of a scientist who uses fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) as a model organism for research. Different ways of performing biological research have theirs pros and cons.
- A Drosophilist can mutate almost whichever conserved gene (a gene that exists in most organisms), control expression of the gene in different levels through heat-sensitive constructs and generate a new generation of test animals in a week, as we all know from kitchen-experiences and still get a whole-organism-model (unlike what you get through cell culturing).
- So a Drosophilist tends to have a broader concept of what is possible to learn from a biomedical experiment.
What I actually do is that I make models for known muscle diseases to learn how muscle proteins malfunction and drives the disese progression.

So I'm considering myself a geeky person who really enjoys reading. I did read very little during my later teens and I didn't take proper time to read books for fun until after grad-school. I got tired of having unread classics in my bookshelf so I started reading 1984, Kallocain and Mountain of Madness and then I was hooked. My Goodreads profile is

The genre I usually read are reflected in the three books I started reading;
1. Science-Fiction/Dystopian, 2. Fiction-Classics, 3. Horror-and-Macabre

and my favorite author at the moment are
*Philip Dick
*Stanislaw Lem
*Ursula le Guin
*Fjodor Dostojevskij
*Oscar Wilde
*Michail Bulgakov

And I hope to go through a lot of the "Peter Boxall’s 1001-books" list, even though I'm not planning to read many of them:

While not experimenting on flies and reading I'm doing Geocaching (Geocaching profile: "Synthetical"), play boardgames, oldschool sega, Ps3, roleplaying; both book-and-dice as well as live action.

It was my wife, Lilith89, who introduced me to Bookcrossing 2016 when she started and I'm very glad she did!

"Some soon grow sick of seeing woods and fields.
I never envy birds their wings. My need
Is all for books, from page to page to read.
Ah, what a different joy sweet study yields!"
-Faust Part one, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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