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Hello everyone......

I am an avid reader, always trying to find time as much as possible to read. My preference in reading are, non fiction, fiction, spiritual, historical romance, romance, biography, cooking, and gardening. My other hobby other than BookCrossing are cooking , gardening and photography. Also, walking our Labrador along the McKenzie river, which is not far from our property.

Having discovered this site from the local newspaper, have persuaded me to find more time reading.

The above picture is my constant companion Labrador. (Note: Dexter crossed the bridge at 2 a.m. September 27, 2010)'till we meet again....

Time flies so quickly, and I am having fun with Bookcrossing. Read many books offered by other bookcrossers, such as bookray or ring. I am indulging too much on those, that I decided to forgo it this year. I still have my own books to read and hope to release it in the wild. Further more joining bookray/ring is a hasle, need to finish no later than one month. Then, I will receive a barage of e-mails telling me to hurry up. Especialy for someone who is a slow reader. It is not worth the time and energy. If I want to read a specific book, I'll just buy it.

Most of my registered books I acquired from book stores, catalogs, E-bay or used bookstores.

Any available books will eventually be released into the wild or offer as rabck and trade.

I have registered some of my private collection. The reason I would like to share my enjoyment and thought about the books. These books will not be wild release. It will stay with me until I feel it is time to let go. It will not be easy.

Books I have set on reserve are those I plan to offer as future bookray or ring. My first ray was a continuing, Girl with A Pearl Earring. An excellent novel. Also The Rice Mother, wonderful.

My wild releases somewhat slow. I do take my time in releasing book(s) in the wild. I am not a fast reader! Reading a book is like food to me, savoring it in small morsels. :-)

Time to do more reading in between gardening and other mundane chores.

Happy Reading and Crossing,

Bulan-Purnama (so many books, so little time, a shared book is a happy book).

These are books I have enjoyed reading and would not hesitate to read it again....




RABCK CORNER - I will offer these available books once a month on the forum. If you are interested, please e-mail me with your address and the book is yours. If no takers I will wild release it. Sorry, USA shipping only.

Corelli's Mandolin (TAKEN)


September 2013
The Reader (closed)


Dracula, by Bram Stoker

Fanny Hill, by John Cleland, finished reading a little slow for me and tedious.

Unbeaten Tracks in Islands of The Far East, by Anna Forbes Unbeaten Path

Fire From Heaven, by Mary Renault

The Catcher in The Rye, by J. D. Salinger

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