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A new service commences today (Tuesday 16 August 2005). The most recent events will be shown here by journal number. Some of the more ghoulish among us like to come and browse among the obits and epitaphs and epiphets given here... without a search device readers had a devil of a time finding a mention of interest... please go to the end of the Profile Page...

This bookshelf was set up as a last resting place for damaged and deceased books that have been registered, been released, been in a book ring, book ray, or book bag or simply swapped with other bookcrossers, but have, through attrition, murder, theft, kidnapping or disease, old age or infirmity, been rendered useless for the purpose they were created.

Please PM BookCemetery with the details of the book, including the BCID and it will be interred or cremated or whatever as you wish. A memorial entry will appear on this Bookshelf. All entries are given at PERMANENT COLLECTION.

Please Note: There is a memorial picture available from TexasWren. Click here for her site. Download the label and add it to your journal entry if you wish. The Book Cemetery team offer grateful thanks to TexasWren for allowing the use of this icon on journal entries.

The most recent activities here...

13 October 2005
journal/824568 (for miau)

12 October 2005
journal/1622439) (dual ceremony :( for Helly77)
journal/2585200 (for blum)

11 October 2005
journal/485567 (for cpetersky)

08 October 2005
journal/1614081 (for Jsport)
journal/3306541 (for crrcookie)

02 October 2005
journal/3295052 (for KansasKiwi)

01 October 2005
journal/3263191 (for terrafreaky)

25 September 2005
journal/3191005 (for Xanthe-pup)

17 September 2005
journal/2712414 (for hfitz5051)
journal/3123588 (for DameEdna)
journal/3213091 )
journal/3213087 )
journal/3213073 ) (all for skcreader)
journal/3213065 )
journal/3213055 )
journal/3227831 (for spazcat)
journal/2874265 (for pinkozcat)
journal/2981285 (for BoosterJ28)

06 September 2005
journal/3212929 (for skcreader)
journal/3212649 (for skcreader)
(in with journal/3201434)

01 September 2005
journal/3028188 (for efs300)
journal/3201434 (for skcreader)
(includes journal/3212649 of 06 September)
journal/3201425 (for skcreader)

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