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Living in MD now.

It has been years and years..... glad to be back.

If you are trading me, or joining a bookring/ray of mine, please use delivery confirmation when posting! It only adds .55 in the US, and it is amazing for peace of mind! There had just been too many lost books around here recently...

Trying again with a bookray. Please note - you can keep the book for no longer than ONE MONTH, then you *must* send it on, read or unread!


Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but am starting another ray in April, 05

twiggy, thank you for sending to Vancouver, possibly the greatest city on earth!
loveamystery from Vancouver to Australia...
wirigerie posting within Oz


crashed here! Sept 20, 05 to now seems a bit long for postal service... I wonder if it will survive?
sends it 'across the ditch' to
kiwiwonder sending it abroad to Finland to
piiku ,
who sends to England to
redhouse , who introduced me to my favorite book of 2005, Toast Redhouse, please consider yourself welcome in any of my rings!

I believe that should be plenty. Let's wrap it here. Bread Alone is CLOSED.

Two rays of the Journal of Ordinary Thought.

Journal of Ordinary Thought, on the Criminal Justice System

and the first of my "problem" rays
Different Doors, Journal of Ordinary Thought Writers on Place Horribly Stalled with solittletime in Maine, USA since Nov. 2004. Solittletime has not responded to any of my requests for the book to be sent on, so I fear that this may be a dead ray. The book is not replaceable.....
6/5/05. solittletime PMd me this morning to say that the book will be sent out next week, when she returns from out of town. I have high hopes.
7/20/05 hopes are not so high now....

Japanese Garden postcard book. Chivers [Brazil] has this double ray last and has changed stories several times. Last claim is that it was mailed it March, though I don't believe it.
Japanese Style postcard book Chivers had this one too. I don't believe that it was ever sent out. It claims to be traveling now, though last journal says "waiting address". Am very sad that these sweet little books were killed.

Lost in a Good Book Ring killed by the first person to receive it, ACharmedReader, in May, 2004. She seems to be active again, so maybe it will return to me???

Bookrings/rays I'm waiting for:

1,000 Places to See Before you Die Thanks, tnkbl. I just checked status, though. Sadly, it's September 06 and 45costello has had this book since August 05! I guess it's killed...?
G is for Grafton Thanks, jessibud. It's going to be fun to have this book before my beloved antof9 does!

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