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From Lynn, Massachusetts USA
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Joined Friday, December 3, 2004
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I have a confession to make, I am horrible at answering PM messages quickly. Even if you owe me a book and you want my address I usually do not respond quickly. Sometimes the same day, sometimes it takes weeks. It depends on how hectic life is, my mood or whatever.
I have been getting a lot of PMs from people inviting me to join their rings or rays, especially when its a book from my wishlist. Unfortunatly I have to decline all rings and rays at this time. I am finishing up the ones I have signed up for and then taking a break from them for awhile. When I first joined I signed up for too many and of course I ended up with them all at once. I felt like I was under pressure to read, and I can't really enjoy reading a book that way. Thanks to all of you who have thought of me to join your ring or ray, I am glad to be part of such a generous community.
I currently reading All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris, it is part of a ring, and is going to Needsun next. I eventually plan on working on The Mommy Bookbox which I hope to get moving soon. My 3 other bookboxes in the works will be an A-Z bookbox (using the author's last name) I am going to use the books that I read for Breakeveryrule's challenge. Whatever letter you take out must be replaced with the same letter.
The next one will be a bookbox with books the I've received from other bcers. All books added must have journal entries from at least 2 members. I am also going to do a girl/woman themed bookbox. It will be awhile before any of these three are ready to go.

Quick Note: If I have RABCKed, relayed, traded, or somehow otherwise sent you a book from my shelf, you are free to do with it as you please once it is in your hands. Trade it, give it away, keep it, whatever, just ENJOY it! I think that's the true spirit of Bookcrossing!
(It should go without saying, but just to be sure, execpt for a bookring, ray or a loan.)

Thanks for looking at my bookshelf. I read many different types of books mostly fiction, Romance being the most common. My favorites are historical, time travel and paranormal romances. I also like erotic novels preferably with a story line. I am trying to get my hands on Ellora's Cave books. The only one I have so far is Ellora's Cavemen Legendary Tails I. The list is here: Ellora's Cave
I will try almost any type of book, I enjoy murder mysteries and also true crime books.
I am also looking for books on Wicca, witchcraft and paganism to add to my permanent collection.
As far as my books go, I usually have very little set as AVL by me. I either play on BookObsessed, Bookswaplive, and occasionally Paperbackswap.
Anything Res is either owed to someone or part of a ring or ray or I'm planning on Wild releasing it or sending it as a Rabck. (Rabcks are not supposed to be asked for, I will do them at my leisure.)
I have a huge Tbr pile and while you can certainly ask don't think it is a guarentee. I prefer to read what my mood dictates and sometimes I don't know what I want to do with a book until I'm done.
Permanent collection may change someday but as for now the books listed in my Permanent Collection stay with me I would only lend them out to a good friend.
Traveling is pretty self explanitory I don't have the book in my possession any longer.
I occasionally do trades, but not that many and usually only if you have something I really want.
I don't respond to requests for Rabcks or known stallers or hoarders. Sorry I don't mind sharing but not with these kinds of people.
I do not have unlimited time to devote to this hobby, it may take me up to a week to answer you. I do journal all books I receive and eventually plan on passing them on. (Unless I have discussed it with you and want to add it to my Permanect Collection with your approval)
To be honest I have had books that I have had for a couple of months before I journaled them. My shipping out of books varies from the same day we discuss it to a month or two down the line. I am kind of laid back about these kinds of things. If I know someone is a regular I never check up on the books they owe me, I figure they will get here eventually in the meantime I have plenty of books to keep me busy.
Last but not least I believe in the live and let live philosophy of bookcrossing we all do things differently. I try to respect how others use this site , even if it's different than I do or I don't agree with what they do. So please respect the way I use it.
Updated 04/22/07

Thanks Morbid Angelina for my avatar, check out her site: Morbid Angelina

My wild releases that have been caught:

Extreme Justice
Will (Silhouette Desire #5798)
Cherokee Wind
The Year of the Gorilla
Along Came a Spider
Twisted Cross (Wingman No. 5)
Family Album
Anne of Green Gables
The Pilot's Wife
Mr. Ives' Christmas
Entertainment Weekly 1998 Year Book
Plagues and Peoples
Shakespeare's Insults: Educating Your Wit
Seven Up

52 towns in 52 weeks release challenge

Ok so I missed the 52 weeks, I am modifying this challenge, I still want to finish it but with no time limit.

1.Lynn, Massachusetts

2.Salem, Massachusetts

3.East Boston, Massachusetts

4.Swampscott, Massachusetts

5.Saugus, Massachusetts

6.Revere, Massachusetts

7. Beverly, Massachusetts

8.Danvers, Massachusetts

9. Peabody, Massachusetts

10.Stoneham, Massachusetts

11.Nahant, Massachusetts

12. Las Vegas, Nevada

13.North Andover, Massachusetts

14.Middleton, Massachusetts

15.Topsfield, Massachusetts

16.Toronto, Ontario

17.Essex, Massachusetts

18.Charlotte, North Carolina

19.North Charleston, South Carolina

20.Charleston, South Carolina

21.Paradise Island Nassau, Bahamas

22.Old Orchard Beach, Maine

23.South Portland, Maine

24.Marlborough, Massachusetts

My 50 state Rabck challenge, recipient must live where book is set

1. California- The republic of East LA Claimed by Oldreader Citrus Heights, CA
2. Michigan-Fool me once Claimed by T02S03B11D20 Springport,MI
3. Florida-Under Sunny Skies Claimed by Hfitz5051 North Fort Myers, FL

My Bookrays

Nothing to Fall back on by Betsy Carter This Book is STALLED with Portable-Solace
Dodau- Bristol, England United Kingdom
Mrsjones- Hamilton, Ohio USA
Captainjack- Morris Plains, New Jersey USA
STALLER Portable-Solace -Austin, Texas USA STALLER Book is here
Lorelei03- Farmingdale, New York USA
SCOUT-FINCH- Sherman Oaks, California USA

My Bookrings

Slaughter house-five by Kurt Vonnegut Still open Pm me to join
Bibliovore-Gatineau, Quebec Canada
Titihood-Montreal, Quebec Canada
Pam99-Glasglow, Scotland UK
BFD-Aveiro, Portugal
BlossomU-Lisboa, Portugal
Jebbie74-Toronto, Ontario Canada
Teenage-faerie-Dandridge, Tennessee USA
Agsschoolgrad-Jefferson, Georgia USA
Mitziyah-Seattle, Washington USA
BigJohnlefty-Grimes, Iowa USA
SqueakyChu-Rockville, Maryland USA
Lauraloo29-Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Breeze144-Windsor, Ontario Canada
Hawkette-Ballarat, Victoria Australia
Froggirlwendy- Brisbane, Queensland Australia Book is Here
Freelunch- Cairns, Queensland Australia
DrCris- Templestowe, Victoria Australia
VeganMedusa- Dobson, West Coast New Zealand
Zosime- Marshfield, Wisconsin USA
Chocolatefishy- Asheville, North Carolina USA
Bartonz- Bellevue, Washington USA
NICNIC2- Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom

Anne Frank The diary of a young girl
the first copy was Stalled with Versacevixen. The second copy
Anne Frank The diary of a young girl
has made it home safely.
Thank you Ppagano, Caitdwyer, Mirp, Flaming-ice, Titihood, and Breeni.

Confesions of a Sociopathic Social Climber by Adele Lang This ring has made it home!
Thanks for participating Csvariation, Dodau, Flaming-Ice, Candydarling, Silverstarry, Esq228, Mysterymish, and RaineeRose.

Fetish Girls by Eric Kroll Closed
Breeni-Rockwell, North Carolina USA
Ghaweyn-Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
R2-Calgary, Alberta Canada
Catrionamoore-Coalville, England United Kingdom
Okryhoe-Athens, Attica Greece
Gategypsy-Takaoka-shi, Toyama Japan
Titihood-Montreal, Quebec Canada
SisterT-Columbia, Maryland USA
Mokona-Clinton Township, Michigan USA Book is on the way home

Three Junes by Julia Glass Stalled
Vzfamily-Willard, Ohio USA
Dp31-Jacksonville, Illinois USA
Arugh48187-Apple Valley, Minnesota USA
Luintaurien-York, Nebraska USA
Morpha-Astoria, Oregon USA Stalled, mailed to Kucingkuit Nov/Dec 2005
Kucingkuit-Labuan, Federal Territory Malaysia
Redhouse-Trimley St Mary Suffolk United Kingdom
Mirp-Dublin, Co. Dublin Ireland

Organized Obessions: 1,001 offbeat associations, fan clubs and Microsocieties you can join by Deborah M Burek and Martin Connors This Book is STALLED with Portable-Solace
STALLER Portable-Solace -Austin, Texas USA STALLER Book is here
Morpha-Astoria, Oregon USA

The probable future by Alice Hoffman This ring has made it home safely!
Thanks for participating NillaBreen, Athomegoddess, Morpha, Mamikaem, and Sunlightbub.

The Grimoire of Lady Sheeba Still Open, Pm me to be added Stalled
LaurieS-Merrimack, New Hampshire USA
Maurean-Atlantic Beach, Florida USA
Firrantello-Morganton, North Carolina USA
Morpha-Astoria, Oregon USA
Froggiepopple-Chisholm, Minnesota USA
Mwade78-San Juan Capistrano, California USA Book is stalled here

Worlds of Pain: Life in the Working Class Family by Lillian B. Rubin Still Open, Pm me to be added Stalled
Luintaurien-York, Nebraska USA
Rern-Wantagh, New York USA
Loveamystery-Vancouver, British Columbia CAN
Hellie-South Shields, Tyne and Wear UK Book is stalled here

A long Way Down by Nick Hornby
Intrycksflikka-Turku, Varsinais-Suomi Finland
Missbagpuss-Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire United Kingdom
RedJanet-Erith, Kent United Kingdom
Camis-Tharston, Norfolk United Kingdom
Sunlightbub-Port Sunlight, Merseyside United Kingdom
Antheras-Waterloo, Ontario Canada
Xallroyx-Lake Forest, California United States
Midwinter-Tucson, Arizona United States Book is here
Noumena12-Dayton, Ohio United States
LaughAtlantis-Sommerville, Massachusetts United States
Apolonia-Lynn, Massachusetts United States

My Bookboxes

Series Sampler Bookbox
This Bookbox has made it home! Thanks Greyflank, Needsun, ResQgeek, Mysteryfan03, Tigerlily4, and Bookaholic2.

The Mommy Bookbox Still open PM me to join, may we a long time before I get this one going.
lilmztaz-Blythewood, South Carolina USA (US only)
Cheli-Garza-Dallas, Texas USA (Shipping?)
BunnyLady-Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin USA
Bookmaniac70-Sofia, Bulgaria (International)
Philomom-Decatur, Georgia USA (Shipping ?)
Tiggsybabes-Sheffield, England United Kingdom (prefers UK)

Early Spring Cleaning Bookbox
This bookbox made it home! Thanks for participating Pyan, Ollie1976, Readingyoga-fan, Tribefan, Luthein1121, Danesnboxers, Loveamystery, Babykittysmama, and Bunnylady.

Apolonia's Romance to Almost Anything Bookbox After being stalled with Jaenelle for 18 months this box has made it home. Thanks for participating Luintaurien, Tigerlily4, Sugarnoise, Faeriemyst,
Momofap, Cheli-Garza, VivYip, and BunnyLady.

Bookrays,Bookrings and Boxes I've Joined


The Rice Mother by Rani Manicka- started by Jaynereader Received, Read and Sent Out 03/03/05
Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov- Started by Daemonwolf Received, and sent out (did not get to read)
A gracious plenty by Sheri Reynolds- Started by icekween01 Received, Read and Sent Out 01/11/05
The Between Boyfriends Book by Cindy Chupack- started by icekween01 Received, Read and Sent Out 02/01/05
Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West-Started by Dicentragirl
Second Copy to replace stalled one Received, tried to read, could not get into it, Sent it back out
Strangely Enough by C.B. Colby-Started by Czersk Received, Read and Sent Out 05/13/05
Lethal Kisses:19 Stories of Sex, Horror and Revenge by Ellen Datlow-Started by Hexa Mailed to Alongagain never journalled/lost in the mail or stalled?
Bloodsucking fiends: A love story by Christopher Moore-Started by Firegirl Received, Read and Sent Out 08/25/05
Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Moore-Started by Arwen-Galadriel Received, Read and sent out 02/08/05
The Dogs of Babel by Calolyn Parkhurst-Started by Squeakychu Received, Read and Sent Out 03/07/05
Naked by David Sedaris-Started by Squeakychu Mailed by Wyldanthem 08/25/05 never received/jouralled by Pheelya
In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden by Kathleen Cambor-Started by LyekkaMarengo As nature made him: The boy who was raised as a girl by John Colapinto-Started by Nokturnalmuse Stalled with LadyTrucker53
He's just not that into you: The no excuses Truth to Understanding Guys by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo-Started by Gaspimper891 Received, Read and Sent Out 02/24/06
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by Zz Packer Started by SqueakyChu Received, Read and Sent Out 09/08/05
The Cinderella Rules by Donna Kauffman Started by Noumena12 Received, Read and Sent Out 08/11/05
Southern Vampire Mysteries: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, and Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris started by Valkyrie119 Received, Read and sent out 11/18/05
The Island of the sequined love nun by Christopher Moore Started by AM10000 Received, Not Read and Sent Out


The Chandler Men Series: The Bachelor, The Playboy and The Heartbreaker by Carly Phillips-Started by Needsun Received, Read and Sent Out 05/31/05
Cats and Books journal started by alaiskris29 Received, Read, Journaled and Sent Out 07/19/05
When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago-Started by Nomadbooklvr Received, Read and Sent out 02/15/05
Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser- Started by Daemonwolf
The five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom-started by peacebirds5 Received, Read and Sent out 03/31/05
The lovely Bones by Alice Sebold- Started by sunshinedreem Received, Read and Sent out 04/30/05
Gap creek by Robert Morgan- Started by gill846 Ring never started
Price of Honor: Muslim Women lift the Veil of Silence on the Islamic World by Jan Goodwin- Started by Ema375 Received, Read and sent out 04/15/05
The Vagina Monologues:The V-Day edition by Eve Ensler-Started by Silverstarry Received, Read and Sent out 03/31/05
Bite by Laurel K. Hamilton- Started by Bellemorte Received, Read, and Sent out 12/27/05
The Thin Pink Line by Lauren Baratz Logsted Travelling with Crossing the Line by Lauren Baratz Logsted Started by SCA2003 Received, Read and Sent out 03/21/05
The Magic Circle by Donna Jo Napoli Started by Lauraloo29 Received, Read and Sent out 05/17/05
Burned Alive: A Victim of the law of Men by Souad Started by Pyan Received, Read and Sent out 06/19/05
The curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon Started by Seacloud49 Received, Read and Sent out 11/07/05
Six Ingredients or Less:Pasta and Casseroles by Carlean Johnson Started by Booklady2005 Received, and Sent out 07/30/05 (Did not get to read)
Inside the Kingdom, My life in Saudi Arabia by Carmen Bin Ladin Started by Pyan Received, Read and Sent out 08/03/05
Guests of the Sheik:An Ethnography of an Iraqi Village by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea Started by Pyan Received, Read and Sent out 09/06/05
The Last Mermaid by Shana Abe Started by Mamawolfie Received, Read and Sent out 02/06/05
The Penis Book by Joseph Cohen Started by SandDanz Received, Read and Sent out 04/23/06
All Togther Dead by Charlaine Harris Started by Noumena12Currently Reading


Paranormal Bookbox Started by Shewhoreads Received, and Sent out 07/19/05
You Go Girl Bookbox Started by Guinaveve Received, and Sent out 05/03/05
Pyan's Red Bookbox Started by Pyan Received, and Sent out 05/06/05
Pyan's Non-Returning Bookbox Started by Pyan Received, and Sent out 08/23/05
Pyan's Book just want to have fun Bookbox Started by Pyan Received, and Sent out 07/19/05
Romance Anything Goes Bookbox Started by Breeni Received, and Sent out 07/08/05
Paranormal and New Age Bookbox #1 Started by Nokturnalmuse Received, and Sent out 12/27/05
Paranormal and New Age Bookbox #2 Started by Nokturnalmuse Received, and Sent out 03/21/06

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