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Voracious reader since the age of 18 months (according to my parents), first literary hero was Lowly Worm. In my defence it was the 1970s!
Since then, must have had half the local library out at one time or another. Always on the lookout for the next great story. I love a murder mystery, though anything starting with a cast list and ending with a body count is fine by me. Laurie R King, Agatha Christie (all hail!), Paul Doherty, Minette Walters, also Armistead Maupin, the River God story arc from Wilbur Smith, Val MacDermid are all favourites, but main man is Terry Pratchett - I bow in your presence sirrah....
As a member of the Western Front Association, I also have ready access to books about the First World War for as long as I wish to borrow them too, so I can indulge my morbid obsession for free!
I'm lethal in my search for books, mostly collected from secondhand sources, let's just say my local branches of Oxfam and the like do very well out of me...
Plus, on top of all this, I dabble in the writing of fanfic, mostly just to clear my ever racing mind and over active imagination, but occasionally to please friends! My fanfic is based on the tv programmes Stargate SG-1, NCIS (Naval Criminal Intelligence Service),Due South, Life On Mars and now Ashes To Ashes. So far that is - more may be gathered in. My friend, who prefers to lurk under her own gnome de plume of "Know Your Dog", beta reads for me, and then posts my efforts online. I absolve myself from all responsibility! Once I've finished a fic, that's it! However, reviews are always welcome.... :)
29th June 2007 - I just joined our marvellously well stocked and maintained library at work! I heard that unless more people joined and stacked their colours to the mast, that they wouldn't get funding for any more new books, so I immediately went and signed up. More free access to books and audiobooks? Bring it on!!
30/03/08 - Yay!! Upload picture *finally* took. Welcome to my new obsession - 'Ashes To Ashes' and the Gene Genie!!
04/10/09 - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand again - picture change as I *finally* get round to posting S2's jpeg for 'Ashes To Ashes'. Thank the Lord they let Alex have a better wardrobe and hairstyle, though c'mon people - what happened to the UST?! Hopefully S3, sadly the last season (boo-hoo!!), will answer all those tricky little questions...
24/12/09 - Two things really. 1) I set myself the challenge to read 200 books this calendar year - and I have succeeded!! 230-something looks to be the end result, blimey, get *me*... 2) I have been wung!! Whoever you are, thanks so very much! My airworthiness certificate appears to have been re-stamped and I intend to swoop and dive all over the place just because I now can :) Thanks very much again, it is much appreciated. C'mon - fess up - whodunnit?
24/12/09 - Sad news, Roadrunner, aka Kathy, is no longer an active Bookcrosser so I have lost my BXing Birfday Buddy. Lovely corresponding with you Kathy!
23/04/10 - And another profile picture change, belatedly inline with S3, the final season (sob!) of 'Ashes To Ashes'. Nice suit Gene ;)
04/05/10 - Little Bookish Quote that catches my eye and has me nodding in agreement #1 (in an occasional series)@ 'I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library...' Jorge Luis Borges, I couldn't agree more!
23/05/10 - Yes, it's all over. The final season of 'Ashes To Ashes' finished here on Friday 21st May and I already miss it madly. With the big reveal leaving me gobsmacked and initially confused, with a second viewing all, or pretty much all, was mostly understood :) I can't believe I'm going to miss a fictional character as much as I will miss DCI Gene Hunt!! Still, the fanfic will continue - like I could stop the my mercurial Froggy Muses, if I tried...
19/02/2012 - As I'm moving I've cleared out nearly ALL my AVL shelf, so if you see something you want, chances are its gone I'm afraid. I'm updating the list as quickly as I can.

Books read in 2008 - 177 - how terrifying is that to realise?!
Books read in 2009: Well, I set myself the target of 200. And read 235!!! Good Lord - I still can't believe it!
Books read in 2010 - 200! And I didn't count books I re-read in this year!! Okay, so not as impressive as 235 last year but even so :)
Anyway, challenge for this year is to read as many books as I can of my personal Mt. TBR. Yes, the time has come. I'll be labelling them '(Mt. TBR)' or similar, and I'll keep marking new to me reads with '(NEW)'.
To be updated!!
2011 - sadly other things got in the way so I probably read about 150+ books but failed to keep a proper track.
2012 - trying again!!

1. The Last Bow - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2. How The Girl Guides Won the War - Janie Hampton
3. My Week With Marilyn - Colin Clark (Library Book)
4. Howard's Way Is On The Landing: A Year of Reading From Home - Susan Hill
5. Criminal Minds: Killer Profile - Max Allan Collins
6. Criminal Minds: Jump Cut - Max Allan Collins
7. Van Helsing: Movie Novelisation - Kevin Ryan
8. The Holmes Affair - Graham Moore
9. I'll Walk Alone - Mary Higgins Clark (library book)
10. Hope & Glory: The Days That Made Britain - Stuart Maconie (library book)
11. The Help - Kathryn Stockett
12. Notes From A Small Island - Bill Bryson
13. Waiting for the All Clear: True Stories from Survivors of the Blitz - Ben Wicks
14. Star Wars: Novelisation of the Film - tbc
15. Eliabeth the Queen - Sally Bedell Smith
16. Beyond The Bounty (Quick Reads 2012) - Tony Parsons
17. Cardington Crescent (Inspector Pitt) - Anne Perry
18. Silence in Hanover Square (Inspector Pitt) - Anne Perry
19. Body and Soul - Marcelle Bernstein
20. These Is My Words: The Diary Of Sarah Agnes Prine - Nancy E. Turner
21. Except the Dying (Murdoch Mysteries #1) - Maureen Jennings
22. Under The Dragon's Tail (Murdoch Mysteries #2) - Maureen Jennings
23. Poor Tom is Cold (Murdoch Mysteries #3) - Maureen Jennings
24. The Magnificent Spilsbury & The Brides in the Bath - (library book)
25. The Victorian Kitchen Garden - Peter Thoday
26. Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days - Jared Cade
27. Brief Encounters - compiled by Sarah Kennedy
28. Death In the City of Light: How A Serial Killer Terrorised Occupied Paris - (library book)

A Christmas Odyssey - Anne Perry, read by Terence Hardiman
One Corpse Too Many (Cadfael Chronicles #1) - Ellis Peters, read by Sir Derek Jacobi
Mrs McGintys Dead (Poirot) - Agatha Christie

I want to read
More Due South Novels!!! If you have one - can I borrow it?! Please? Please? Pretty Please with chocolate on top?
The titles are:
due South: All The Queen's Horses by Tom McGregor
due South: Vaulting North by Tom McGregor

Thank you kindly!

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